This is the press release that I have submitted to different distribution services today in announcing the official launch-

PARIS, France – March 21, 2007 – A former Amazon Web Development Manager launches a new website catering to the needs of Israeli jobseekers and jobfinders on the Internet. JobMob – – is the first blog community in Israel providing professional advice, news, discussion and links to resources to help people progress towards better employment, income and improve their livelihood.

Just one day after Israeli PR icon Rani Rahav's announcement disparaging bloggers and ‘talkbackers', JobMob sets out to prove that the opposite is true, that a blog-based community can dramatically impact the Israeli employment sector. “In Israel and abroad, more and more people are enjoying the new opportunities and technologies of social participation in the Web2.0 era. With JobMob, jobseekers and jobfinders will finally be able to harness these tools for their benefit and fulfillment,” said the site's creator, Jacob Share, also founder of Share Select Media.

Mr. Share added that the lack of current information for facilitating such a job search in Israel was his prime motivator. He noted that with very few exceptions, employment advice is fragmented across a variety of local Internet forums and media such as newspaper columns and websites of placement companies, causing jobseekers excessive strain browsing for useful information and rendering their job search more difficult and less effective than it needs to be.

Mr. Share also explained that existing employment websites are exclusively tailored to jobseekers and employers and do not address the growing group of jobfinders- people who want to assist jobseekers in finding work. With JobMob as a platform, Israelis can now remedy that situation together.

Today's official launch culminates a public beta testing phase that began this past December. Although there are links to Hebrew articles and tools, JobMob is only available in English initially. A Hebrew version is planned with the possibility of other languages to follow.

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Jacob Share is the founder of Share Select Media, a blog talent agency and network based in Paris, France.

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  1. josh

    Best of luck with your initiative. The Israeli job market needs a bit of order made of it.

    BTW, Rani Rahav admitted in a recent Hebrew article that his company employs ‘talkbackers’ in his office to make comments in the interest of his clients. In the article linked above, he was probably referring to amateur talkbackers (aka normal people like us) who hinder his company’s ability to exploit the various forums. I can only imagine that his work is cut out for him since the internet bypasses the normal media channels (like tv, radio and print) his industry controls.

  2. JacobShare

    Many companies use these dishonest policies of faking interest. Although not legitimate, it’s understandable since most people want to go where the action is.

    I agree with you – I also think that he’s whining in frustration. He must be feeling the crunch already since as more advertising money shifts online and notably to the blogosphere, there will be fewer budgets for people like Rani Rahav.

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