Your birthday only comes once a year, so make it count.

Happy Birthday, really

The following tips are useful regardless of whether you're in the birthday industry (entertainment, gifts, etc.) or not.

Your birthday

1) Tell people about it

Unless your entire brand audience has friended you on Facebook – and happens to login specifically on that day – they're not going to know automatically when it's your birthday, so you need to tell them.

Blog about it, tweet about it, mention it in your email signature.

2) Throw a party

Birthday parties can be terrific networking events if you open them up beyond your close friends and let your different social circles mix, so that people can meet when they might never have otherwise.

Dan Schawbel has done this.

3) Use it as an excuse for change

Anniversaries are a perfect time to announce changes such as a new web presence or upgrades to an existing one, a new look for you or e.g. your website, or possibly a promotion around your products or services.

Turning the tables, what if it's…

Someone else's birthday

4) Build your relationship by reaching out

Especially if you haven't connected in a while, there's never an easier time to send greetings than on someone's birthday.

Never miss an opportunity to reach out to people and show that you care.

The good feelings will be even stronger if you reach the birthday girl or boy before they have any chance to announce the date at all, showing that you remembered, and doubly so if you reach them in a way that you know they'll like.

FellowUp is a handy tool that will notify you of your contacts' birthdays.

5) Attend a party

Just like your birthday party is a great networking opportunity for your guests, get the same results by being a guest at other people's parties.

Everyone has a birthday, so it's an easy thing to bond over, and a simple conversation starter.

If the party is announced online via a Facebook event, you can start meeting other guests in advance by chatting with them in the event comments, and then use that as a way to recognize people later at the event itself.


6) Throw them a party

To make the ultimate impression on someone or their cause, throw them the party.

Do the maximum so that they have to do the minimum, and you'll maximum respect in return.

Birthdays worth celebrating

Dog birthdaysWith all the benefits of birthdays and branding, it would be a shame to only take advantage once a year.

Here are all the different kinds of birthdays worth celebrating:

  • Your own
  • Your blog, website or main web presence (even a Facebook Fan page)
  • Your company/organization/NGO
  • Friends/partners/clients/contacts
  • Your personal brand

Yes, even your personal brand can have a birthday, but you'll need to choose one for it first. Make it meaningful.

If you're wondering why I have birthdays on the mind- Saturday, October 29th 2011, was my 36th solar birthday (my Jewish one falls on 24 Cheshvan/November 21st this year).

Wish me happy birthday in the comments 🙂

Question of the article

Have you ever used your birthday for personal branding purposes? Tell us in the comments.

Did you know that besides personal brands, birthdays can affect job search?

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