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Never Get a To celebrate the launch of his new book Never Get a “Real” Job, entrepreneur Scott Gerber is sponsoring this contest.

In trying to encourage people to start businesses, Scott created the Death to the Resume Movement, so I thought it would be fun to ask you for your most creative ideas of  how to “kill” your resume.

How to Enter

Leave a comment here below explaining your creative resume-killing idea…


…if you can't think of a creative resume-killing idea, choose your favorite previous comment and explain how you would make that commenter's resume-killing idea even better.

Some suggestions of what to write in your comment are:

  • True/imagined stories of how you/your dog/baby intentionally/accidentally destroyed a copy of your resume
  • How a natural disaster could apply to your resume
  • The most unusual place to shred your resume once and for all, and why, or the most unusual person to do it for you, and why
  • Share resume destruction stories you found elsewhere online (link to the source if you can)

Have fun with this. Show off your powers of imagination.

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How to Win

Simple – Leave a creative and/or funny comment.

The winners will be the 5 people with the most memorable comments as judged by me.

You, or anyone you know, can try to influence the choice of winners by leaving more comments in support.

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5 free copies of the hardcover edition of Never Get a “Real” Job (which sell for US$22.95) are available to be won, including shipping & handling to wherever you are in the world.


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • You can comment as many times as you like, but you can only win one prize.
  • Be sure to use a real email address or Twitter account when you comment so that I can contact you if you win.

Contest Deadline & Results

To be considered as entries in the contest, all comments must be submitted by this Wednesday December 8th 2010, midnight PST, which is 10am Thursday morning Israel time (check your local time here).

Results will be announced here on JobMob Thursday December 9th at 2pm EST which is 9pm Israel time.

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Good luck!

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  1. Kalyber

    I would love to shred my resumes to use as packing material for shipping handcrafted items to customers.

  2. Nancy Bailey

    I would like to use the backs of my old resumes to print invoices to my clients.

  3. J J Kosmac

    I would use my resume for target practice…I missed the “big Buck” in the woods on the first day of Buck Season in Pennsylvania. What better way to get Big Bucks than to rip a 260 mm bullet thru the heart of an old resume!

  4. m

    To follow up on Kalyber, you should use the shredded paper as new years confetti.

  5. Dan Share

    Step 1- Print off 100 copies of your resume.

    Step 2- Buy 1 lighter and 1 gallon of gasoline

    Step 3- Bring all your supplies and resume copies to your office parking lot.

    Step 4- Assemble resume copies on the ground (outside your bosses window), forming the words “I QUIT”.

    Step 5- Douse resumes with gasoline, then light resumes on fire, for dramatic affect.

    Step 6- Call your boss and tell him to look out the window.

    Step 7- Buy and read Scott Gerber’s “Never Get a Real Job”

  6. hayim abramson



    In the core of my life there is a curriculum vita,
    A long list of some past mistakes and triumphs.
    The “to be” answer is how to get rid of the first
    And build on the second forwards, perhaps not so fast.

    Backwards, we see a long line of words and papers
    How to sift through them to gather the shiny nuggets?
    Those skills in the current still that can be moved on,
    Showing good qualities, intelligence and others to shake.

    Let us then be, virtually and not on paper, real people
    Making a short summary of the here and now, you.
    Building around that solid core a veritable fusion
    Of power, how you can shake up the world and do it well.

    Let us tear the diplomas to be left as we are,
    The real person, undressed from heavy titles.
    Stop relying on the paper hopes sent to the wind
    Of the mail, the fateful resume weighted by hundreds.

    Let us fall from the sky each his own parachute,
    Setting the compass in the exact company to land.
    With personal straps securely in place to hold us up.
    Knowing well what were, what we want and whither to go.

    Aim high the instructions say and land softly,
    Be focused on what are the real question interviews.
    Practice the “tell me about yourself” for real.
    Thinking of the other side as it takes two to dance.

    Do not shred your heart to pieces as you piece your life.
    Did you know that you are selecting the best for the world?
    Need I to say that only some details of your life are vital,
    And you need to spell out only what is your powerful spell?

    *Thanks to Jacob Share for his contest ideas on the new book
    Never Get a “Real” Job, by entrepreneur Scott Gerber
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New Jersey 2011.

  7. Yonatan Silver

    I had just arrived at a company for a job interview, when I found myself caught in the crossfire of a hostile takeover.

    Before I could take cover, a stray bullet headed straight for me.

    Fortunately, it hit, and irrevocably damaged, the copy of my resume I was holding, which listed my achievements, awards, and life milestones.

    This was more than enough to absorb the impact.

  8. Sharel

    I think that a this days of social media and social networks your CV is out there via google search, your blog, your Facebook page, your linkedin…

    and i think that if a company want to hire you based on your CV alone, you may not want to work there..

    What i would do is convert my linkedin to PDF and send it as is 🙂

    At the end of the day if you seek a job, the best CV is to do great things, let them show, and then no one care where you learned, how many years of experience you have etc…

    Your experience is your Brand, the person you sell… and to get the good jobs, you dont need a CV…

    Take for example the way that warren buffet Hired a key player for his company by intuition and knowing that you sometimes have to take a leap of faith… now, that is a company you want to work in 🙂

  9. Yonatan Silver

    One day I was walking down the road minding my own business, when I suddenly found myself facing a tiger that had escaped from a local zoo.

    I dropped my resume that I’d been reading and made a run for it.

    From a safe distance I saw the tiger pounce on my resume, gulp it down, and then start writhing on the ground in agony.

    It seems it found it difficult to swallow some of the material on my resume.

    Within minutes the zoo authorities arrived, took the hapless creature away, and fined me for feeding the animals.

  10. Yehoshua Paul

    It’s no challenge to kill your resume, simply use it to light a fire in Usfiya, and you’ll kill it in a manner befitting the disaster it is. The challenge is in getting your resume to do the work for you by committing suicide. Here are some of my suggestions:

    1. Read your resume the poetry you wrote to impress your interviewer.
    2. Convert your resume to poor text format.
    3. Marry your resume to your cover letter, even though you know it is shrewish, and just goes on and on and on.
    4. Have your resume rejected by the Iranian nuclear program.
    5. Post your resume on Wikileaks as an embarrassment to the American government.

  11. Natalia Bilash

    Dress up in a gorilla suit and deliver your resume rolled up as a banana to give to the hiring manager.

  12. Dave Wellman

    Maybe I’m too old for this contest because I’ve never had a resume. I have worked lots of jobs and owned my own company, but don’t now nor ever have had a resume on file anywhere.

    I guess what I am trying to say is you can’t kill what never was!

  13. Yehuda

    Here is how to kill your own resume:

    Method #1:

    1. Edit your resume by assigning different fonts and font sizes to each letter.

    2. Email your resume to an outsourcing company that specializes in creating ransom notes, such as Death Threats, Inc., Ransomnotes”R”US, or Handsome Ransom.

    3. Request that they cut each letter of your resume and rearrange the letters to create an attractive yet really nasty 80’s style ransom note, addressed back to you, and threatening that unless you pay them 1,000,000 dollars wuthin 3 days, they will kill your resume.

    4. Ignore the letter, letting resume die.

    Method #2:

    1. Take your resume out to dinner, protect it in a special plastic folder, tell your resume you love it, show off the resume to your friends, families and contacts. Buy your resume flowers every day. Your resume will become attached to you.

    2. Entertain the relationship for 2-3 months.

    3. After 2-3 months, tell your resume you want to part ways. You need to have the freedon to change as a person. You feel you’ve moved on. You don’t want to become too associated with the resume. Your resume is a good match now but it might not be a good match in the long term. You’re not sure that the resume has the right style. It’s a little too boastful, and it always promises that references will be available upon request, but you don’t want to live for the future, you want to live for the now. You want to explore other ways of marketing yourself such as online profiles and a blog, and you don’t feel that you can commit to an exclusive relationship with your resume. It’s not the resume, it’s you.

    4. Since your resume was dysfunctional, not adjusted to the real world, and had low self-esteem because it was always comparing itself with it’s younger and more attractive cousin, the video resume, your resume will be devastated about the break-up. As a result, your resume will become depressed, and, since you are no longer using it, it will wither and disappear from your life, sad yet always hopeful that one day, you will return to it…

    I know, it’s a pretty evil thing to do to your trusty resume, but when you gotta move on, you gotta move on.

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  15. Laranda

    Take a bunch of copies of your resume and use them as kindling to start a party size bonfire that you can then use to roast hot dogs and supply light for the best bush party ever!

  16. Emmanuel Adeyemi

    As a freelance Nigerian journalist who wanted to cover,document and submit it to be made film how African migrate clandestinely through Sahara desert, the problems they encounter i entered Toyota Hilux Van with the passengers as we approached Libya territory we were almost caught by Libyan desert patrol officers who chased us many dropped off the van,bags went off,the load of 35 passengers remained 11,others had died as the van tumbled thrice,desert patrol ran away,i was rescued and revived in the Hospital with no bag that contained my precious and vital documents except the script.l have since been deserted by employers because i followed desert route to feel it my self as investigative journalist.

  17. Amir Robinson

    How I killed my resume: I started a pet waste management company in Orlando called Poop Scoopology LLC. Now rather than use poop bags to scoop I use the hundreds of unused copies of my resumes. When I run out of inventory I will have my resume custom printed on poop bags to constantly remind myself the of how it felt when I was in the “hunt”.

  18. Eli Muniz

    How to kill your resume,
    And by the way,I am a convicted felon.

  19. Michael Chavez

    Hello Scott, I had the chance to meet you in Long Beach with Amy Cosper at the event put on by Verizon. I picked up your fantastic book last night at Barnes & Nobel, I sat down in the in the book store and started checking out your book, before I let Barnes & Nobel I was already asking for a second copy for a friend that wss also at the Verizon event, she is moving to Charleston and wants to start her own business. I cannot think of a better gift then your book. By the way they would make the best stocking stuffer of all time, perfect size and all.

  20. Yonatan Silver

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    As the ship was buffeted against the waves, the captain, clutching a beam for support, turned to me and shouted over the howl of the wind and the ear-spitting creak of the deck, “We’re going to have to throw your resume overboard, or we’re going to sink!”

    With the wind and rain lashing my face, I gritted my teeth and nodded my reluctant consent.

    The crew, somehow, with all the reserves of strength they could muster, roared “Heave ho” and threw my resume into the icy depths.

    “I’m sorry,” the captain called to me, “But surely you know you’re supposed to try to keep your resume to a single page.”

    Oh well, I guess that in future I’ll just send it by email.

  21. Geeg Wiles

    All I am going to say is most of the time actions are better than anything listed on a piece of paper.

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  23. Scott Cowley

    How I’d kill a resume?

    I’ve always been a fan of the Braveheart method: hanging, drawing, and quartering.

    First, we’d string up the resume by its neck (if we could find one). At the point of death, we’d cut it down. Then we’d slice it across the front (if we could find one) and let its paper innards fall out in an agonizing way. Then we’d tie ropes to the corners of the paper and the resume would be torn asunder as the ropes are dragged in cardinal directions by four horses. Not only does the resume meet a glorious end, but it teaches other resumes a lesson.

    Thanks for a great contest!

  24. Tehillah Hessler

    I would hire a small plane to drop thousands of copies of my two-sided resume onto a Gen-X gathering and have a video billboard announce this is a contest:

    1) Read the entire 1237 words.
    2) Send me an e-mail and in 50 words or less, guess the value my 16 years of employment experience had on the success of my 20 years of doing business as a freelancer.

    You see, I don’t have a university degree (mine was achieved through the School of Hard Knocks). And I agree that self-employment/owning one’s own business is rewarding. But I do have the benefit of having been mentored on-the-job. I believe that you need at least one or the other in order to successfully run a long-term business of your own. Sure you may start a new fad, have fun and make some money now, but what’s the long-term plan?

    I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum from Scott Gerber’s audience – I’m among those in the age discrimination bracket, the “overqualified” they’d like to put out to pasture in exchange for the fresh young people with new ideas. I laugh at the foolishness of the concept – young people should consider pairing their fresh ideas with those of the ripened and aged to create something more full-bodied and robust with the goal of long-term financial security as well as a fun work environment. Wishing you all much success!

  25. Joseph

    The best way to destroy your resume is to collect all of the resumes that you have, stick them in a metal trash can, squirt a can of lighter fluid on the pile and let that baby burn! Then afterwards, collect the ashes, spread them on the grounds of your last job and reflect on how you’re never going to make another resume again.

  26. Yonatan Silver

    Oh, amazing and absurd is the resume!
    A sheet that can hold whatever you say.
    When it’s a job that you seek
    You’ll give it a tweak
    When you simply should throw it the hellaway

    With apologies to Dixon Lanier Merritt (1879-1972)

  27. Mordecai

    2 ways to kill resume is to view the doc as a tweet. Imagine: Me working 4 u b/c I have skills u posted posting. let’s talk about when I can start.
    The other way is to misspell the most important words like your own name, or your ability to “review the clients needs and asses ” rather than assess

  28. Jacob Share

    Thank you all for the great entries. It’s not an easy choice to pick the winners, but they’ll be posted here on JobMob later today.

    Good job!

  29. Robert Goldman

    While living in the US I weas told there were jobs in Israel for the taking even at my age! (54) but once i got here i was asked by those of the misrad ha kleeta (sha lo koletit) Why did I return! as well as the govt work office which told me i was too old and should start a business… OH BOY!! sort of makes a guty wonder…. hundreds of e mails out a few interviews later and i’m still too old even if i am the only one qualified for the job… so what’s the secret? or should we all just go back to america and join the unemployment lines? Caustic? I know but hell this is the real world.

  30. robert goldman

    been loking for work since I got here 2 years ago. 54 years of age isn’t old but it sure seems to be old for the israeli job market…. opening a business is out of the question,, maybe going back to america and joining those giant unemployment lines might not be such a bad idea as here i just watch my savings fo down the drain

  31. Chris Parker

    Well I made a huge mistake at one point when I was cleaning out my file cabinet. I had placed my original resume in the wrong folder and when I was burning old bills and such I poured the box of old bills into the fire and there it was slowly floating towards the fire My Resume with the sticky note on it that said “Do not destroy” The sticky note burned up also

  32. Kate

    I’m sorry I missed this contest.

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