You don’t need to be a graphic designer to have a beautiful resume that gets you job interviews. Get inspired by these beauties from 2008 and learn what they have in common down below.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Resumes of 2008

Kenji Enos resumeChristopher Mcadams resume
Jordan Green beautiful resumeMontia Garcia beautiful resume
Karla Martinez resumeGeoffrey Adler beautiful resume
Rob Stinogle resumeKevin Fox
Andre Morgan resumeElizabeth Lind resume

Good tips for a beautiful resume design

Open up your resume right now to see if it has the following qualities:

  1. Candidate name and contact information is easy to find near the top
  2. White background
  3. Good use of section headers for easy scanning
  4. Lots of whitespace for easy reading on the screen or on paper
  5. Limited use of color but if any, it’s used to effect for emphasis and easier reading
  6. Few font styles
  7. Smart use of justification to organize text and lead the eye through the resume

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-- Jacob Share