Over on Daily Blog Tips, Daniel Scocco's running a group writing project about blogging goals for 2008. Where should we be headed?

Blogging Goals 2008 @ DailyBlogTips

I've already told you some of what's coming in JobMob's near future, but that to-do list is too vague for us to measure properly. You could say the same thing about the JobMob purpose of trying to help as many people as possible find jobs in Israel and around the world.

Choosing something more concrete, for 2008 the main measurable goal will be increasing the number of blog subscribers. That's the best way to measure the size of the JobMob Community and to know how many of you are here to “help and get helped”.

For you, a bigger JobMob Community is better

Here are the goals we'll be aiming for:

  • 500 subscribers by JobMob's official 1 year anniversary of March 21, 2008
  • 1000 subscribers one year from now (by Dec.31, 2008)

With your help, we can reach those goals.

Together with the added help of the new JobMobbers, hopefully you can reach your job search goals.

Goal-oriented? Subscribe to JobMob via RSS or email and follow me on Twitter for help on reaching your job search targets.

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  1. Terinea Weblog

    I’m after 500 readers before the end of 2008, I hope you get your 1000.


  2. Bilingual Blogger

    500 and 1000 appear to be the magic numbers for many of us Daily Blog Tips readers. I want to hit 1000 subscribers to my Spanish podcast by Dec. 31, 2008.

    Good luck to you and Jamie both!

  3. hellcola

    congrats for the blog, hope 2008 will be a great year for you! 🙂

  4. Jacob Share

    Thanks everyone, good luck to all of you too.

    Eleena: you have a nice blog theme. But let me ask you- if there’s one key tip to learning Spanish, what would it be?

    hellcola: great name. Good luck with your blog launch.

  5. Rodel

    good luck .. and happy new year!

  6. Eleena

    Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for the acknowledgment. One key tip to learning Spanish? Don’t be self-conscious about speaking to complete strangers and realize that making mistakes is part of the process. One can’t improve if one never makes mistakes.

    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

  7. Jacob Share

    Rodel- Happy New Year to you too.

    Eleena- that’s great advice, I’m glad you responded. Happy New Year to you too.

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  9. Kate

    Goal setting is an easy skill to learn, but so many people just don’t bother.

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