Let Jobhunt.co.il Find Your Hitech Job in Israel in Only 10 Weeks

Jobhunt.co.il claims they can find you a good Israeli hitech job fast. Sound good? Let's take a deeper look.

When Jobhunt.co.il's Ron Ozery first approached me to sponsor this article about his service, I had already heard of Jobhunt but was only familiar with the website. Now I wish that I had known sooner about the service and its unusual guarantee.

Jobhunt.co.il - Working For You

What is Jobhunt.co.il?

Tired of job searches that were taking too long and of placement companies only having company interests in mind, a group of Ben Gurion University students helped each other find hitech jobs. When that worked out well, they decided to stick together and help other hitech job seekers as well. Jobhunt.co.il was born.

The stated purpose of Jobhunt.co.il is to “create a vibrant community of people helping each other to get the best jobs in the shortest time.” Jobhunt tries to do this via its website and its service.

The Jobhunt.co.il website

The Hebrew website has a number of useful resources for Israeli hitech job seekers:

  1. A discussion forum covering hitech job interviews and other recruiting issues at Israeli hitech companies.
  2. A bank of job interview questions and answers that community members were asked in their own job searches.
  3. Tip guides with advice on topics such as resume writing and surviving group testing.

The website design is functional but basic and in need of an update to make it easier to use. Amazingly enough, there's no way to search the site. However, it is possible to search the active discussion forum.

The tip guides and interview questions are helpful and sometimes they are in Microsoft Word (doc) format for you to download. Although not marked anywhere, Ron assured me that the files are all scanned and confirmed to be virus-free.

The forum is the best part of the site. For the most part, job seekers recount their recruiting process experiences with companies across the Israeli hitech industry and you should too. It's a great way to research a company that you're targeting and share your job search anecdotes for the benefit of others as well.

Best value – the Jobhunt.co.il job-finding service

Translated from Hebrew, the official Jobhunt.co.il tagline is “working for you”. Here's how it works.

  1. You submit your resume via the website. Every submission gets a reply.
  2. Qualifying candidates will be invited to a personal job search consultation at their offices in Ramat Hasharon.
  3. If the Jobhunt.co.il team is confident their work can get you a job, they will propose their services.
  4. Over the next few weeks, they will coach you and get interviews arranged for you until you're hired.
  5. You only begin paying the first installment of the Jobhunt.co.il fee of NIS 4300 (US$1200) when you receive your first paycheck.

Are you a qualifying candidate for the service?

The Jobhunt.co.il service is aimed at people who are looking for hitech jobs in Israel. Their success stories page can attest that they've helped Hebrew speakers but also French and Russian speakers as well. One of the reasons that Ron Ozery approached JobMob is to emphasize that they do also help English speakers.

Ron says that the service is especially popular with new immigrants. A new oleh from Venezuela is currently enjoying how the service is helping with translation and understanding of the Hebrew encountered along the way to the new job.

That said, Ron agrees that Hebrew is NOT a requirement for job search success in Israel but that even a low level of Hebrew can tremendously increase your chances.

What is in the Jobhunt.co.il services package?

Adapted to you, their services can involve:

  • help in translating and rewriting your resume
  • improving your interviewing and salary negotiating skills
  • forwarding your resume for openings at appropriate companies
  • general guidance and oversight of your job search

One Jobhunt.co.il success involved an Israeli-Arab who studied electronic engineering at a London university. When he returned to Israel, he couldn't get one interview. Jobhunt.co.il was able to get him interviews right away and he was hired within 2 months.

How long is a Jobhunt-guided job search?

On the average it will take 10 weeks to find you a new job.

What's the unusual guarantee?

The Jobhunt.co.il team are so confident in their ability to get you a job that you only begin paying when you receive your first paycheck, the first of 3 monthly installments. That's it. If their work doesn't turn into a job for you, you pay nothing.

Not only that, but if your new company ends your contract within the first month or two, Jobhunt.co.il will continue helping you at no extra charge.

Would I use Jobhunt.co.il?

Absolutely. If I had known about Jobhunt.co.il during my last Israeli job search, they would have been the first recipients of my resume.

I would rather spend time in interviews than spend time trying to get interviews. Also, the cost is easy to justify when you consider that every week of your job search is another lost week of salary. Since you pay when you're paid and never need to advance anything out of your own pocket, you really have nothing to lose.

You can submit your resume to Jobhunt.co.il via their website.

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