Do you exercise regularly? Your job search might be the best time to begin this great habit.

10 Mighty Reasons to Exercise During Your Daily Job Search

Regular exercise will…

1. Give you a serotonin rise, keeping feelings of job search depression away

2. Improve your breathing, allowing you to improve your attention span and more easily focus on your job search tasks

3. Pull you away from the above tasks at the right time, so that you don't get bogged down

4. Increase your metabolism, making you feel more energetic

5. Help you sleep better

6. Serve as a mechanism for release job search tension and frustration (why did my CV not get any replies…?)

7. Lift your spirits with inspirational highs as you achieve exercise goals too

8. Raise your self-confidence, which will shine through in firmer handshakes and positive body language

9. Make your brain function better including your memory

10. Lead to new job opportunities from new contacts in your gym.

That said, if you'd like to save membership costs or live far from a gym, there are many exercises that you can do at home.

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More benefits

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  1. Anonymous

    You forgot to mention a longer healthier life, not to mention the great looking body you will get, this might help in your job search as well 🙂

  2. Jacob Share

    Thanks for the extra tips. There’s no question- anything you can do to be attractive will help in your job search too.

  3. Mark

    These are some great tips. I was looking for a job last year, and I had just started hitting the gym about three months before then.

    I got the job, and part of the reason was the confidence I felt from working out.

  4. Flat Stomach Exercises

    The biggest benefit for me is that I feel my body better and therefore feel overall better

  5. Jacob Share

    The way I look at it is that exercise is like a life-sustaining medicine; if I miss workouts, it can literally be dangerous to my health. So don’t miss ’em 😉

  6. This is something I definitely need to do a better job of. I spend way too much time in front of the computer working. I think if I exercised more, I would feel better, be more efficient and have to spend less time in front of the computer…hmm what a concept!


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  9. Debbie Lattuga

    It also improves your mood which improves your relationships making networking much easier.
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..Heart Rate Monitor Training – Using a Marker Run =-.

  10. Kate

    Working out makes me so happy I do a better job at everything I have to do whether it’s teaching, writing or parenting.

  11. Kate

    The only way to deal with stress is to exercise. It really is the only way to burn off adrenaline.

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