Announcing JobMob's new Job Search Events Calendar, where you can find chats, webinars and conferences covering every job search topic you can imagine, both virtually and in the real world.

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When COVID-19 started and most of us began isolating at home, I held my first weekly Job Search Online Hangout (or ‘JOSH' for short) Zoom chat on March 23rd as a way to help you remotely (and for free!) during this tough time.

I wasn't alone, of course. In the weeks since then, other experts and organizations began shifting their events online too.

🚀 All The Job Search Events You'll Need Anytime Soon

Many of these virtual events are open to anyone… if you find out about them in time.

There are events every week about every job search topic you need to learn more about, and events like my JOSH chats where you can ask experts any burning questions you have right now and get answers on the spot.

How many virtual job search events (such as Zoom chats or webinars) have you attended since COVID-19 started?

But how to find these events?

1) You can waste time googling for them.

2) Maybe someone will share an event in a Facebook group you like.

3) You get lucky, with a friend forwarding an event invite, and hopefully in time.

4) You spend hours searching online local networking sites

Not very efficient.

We can do better.

That's how the JobMob Job Search Events Calendar was born.

One destination for finding job search events of all kinds to fit into your schedule: right now, next week, and whenever you like.

Have a question before an event, or maybe you noticed a mistake in the announcement? Leave a comment on the event page.

Have feedback after an event? Leave a ⭐ rating and a review.

Missed an event you would have loved to attend? If there's a recording available, you can watch it directly on JobMob.

There's more to come, and that besides the over 250 upcoming events that already appear in the Calendar, with more being added all the time.

Check it out now and then bookmark it for easy access whenever you like:

(You can also reach the Calendar from the menu at the top of the site)

In the JOSH #8 chat – which itself appears in the Calendar – I did a full walkthrough of the Calendar, telling you about my favorite features:

Question of the article

I'd love to hear what you think about this new feature I've created for you here on JobMob. How will you use it? Tell us in the comments.

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