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Israelplug.com relayed that CNNMoney is reporting how Europe and Israel are responsible for most of the 2007 global increase in Web2.0 investment (for which Israel is better).

The article also tells that Israel's Web2.0 industry is getting record investment. As if you needed yet another reason to look for work in the hitech industry, right?

It's unclear what CNNMoney means by a “Web2.0 company” but it sounds like they are referring to new Internet-oriented companies that are innovating with so-called Web2.0 technologies. If that's unclear, you can better understand by getting some examples of Web2.0 job search tools.

Why Does This Concern You?

To get into this “hottest of the hot” sectors in the Israeli job market, you need to know which companies are being talked about. There are a number of sites that list or rate Israel's Web2.0's:

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