The first round voting of the 2007 JIB Awards has opened and will continue until Sunday, April 29th.

Also known as the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards, the 2007 edition of the JIB Awards is the 3rd since 2004. According to the official website, the JIBs “are the J-blogosphere's informal annual award contest. The aim of the contest is to direct new readers towards Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs. The JIBs begin with nominations, then a semifinal and final round.”

JobMob has been nominated in 2 categories, Best New Blog and Best Overall Blog. Competition is stiff but I think that JobMob has a good chance with your help, especially for Best New Blog. The voting is limited per category so you can actually vote once for each nomination. Let's get to it-

Vote for JobMob as Best New Blog 2007

Vote ALSO for JobMob as Best Overall Blog 2007 (listed as JobMob Israel)

There are some terrific blogs to be discovered just by looking through the nominations but I couldn't find a single blog in Hebrew, which is very disappointing. It seems unfair to call it an Israeli awards vote when there are few native bloggers, and I hope that will change next year.

Thank you for your support 🙂

Jacob Share

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