The JobMob Guest Blogging Contest began on July 17th with the first post trying to claim the US$100 prize. How are things going?

Current Standings

Joyce Babu's article about How To Ace A Walk-in Panel Job Interview started the competition on July 17th. Until July 24 (inclusive), the article received 75 unique visitors, and 2 links for tie-breaking purposes.

Yehuda's recent submission on July 23rd discusses 3 Job Myths for Immigrant Lawyers in Israel and has had 40 unique visitors so far plus 1 tie-breaking link. “3 Job Myths” remains in competition till July 30th so there are still 4 more days to go.

Join the Fun

One of the reasons why I setup this contest was as an experiment. Just like everyone else in the JobMob Community, your job search and career experience are unique, regardless of whether or not working in Israel was involved.

If you think about it for a few minutes, I'm sure that you have some piece of information or advice or job search anecdote that would interest other people. Why not share those golden nuggets? There's no minimum or maximum word count, so feel free to express yourself.


If you need some help or just a reminder, take a look at the contest rules which also contains some topic suggestions for your entry.

Like Joyce you could write a guide, like Yehuda you can draw on an event in your past.

Or, you can get some other ideas by seeing what other people have blogged about:

3 More Weeks To Go

I really hope that you'll send in an article soon and that I'll need to extend the contest due to the deluge. However, with only 2 entries so far, the submission deadline stands at August 17, 2007. On the flipside, this means that your chances of winning the prize are still pretty good.

Jacob Share

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