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Back in my in Computer Science days in the '90s, most of our work in the labs was spent facing screens that rarely had more than two colors displayed at a time, usually  orange  or  green  text on a black background.

It was so dreary (although arguably easier to focus).

Nowadays, the bright colors of emoji are a lot more interesting to look at than plain text, and their designs get cuter and more fun all the time.

If you like that kind of thing. Which I do.

However, in the party pooper world of corporate recruitment, fun and cute don't often play well (there are some fantastic exceptions).

A 2017 study called “The Dark Side of a Smiley: Effects of Smiling Emoticons on Virtual First Impressions” concluded that:

In face-to-face contact, smiling individuals are perceived as warmer and as more competent than non-smiling individuals… [but] contrary to actual smiles, smileys do not increase perceptions of warmth and actually decrease perceptions of competence.

Reading a little deeper, the implication is more that you should avoid using emojis in a work context when trying to impress people who don't know you, while the work emoji use is OK with people who do, such as colleagues, collaborators, etc.

As you'll see below, job seekers seem to be taking this lesson to heart while, surprisingly, it's recruiters who haven't been getting the message.

Here are some of the creative ways job seekers and recruiters are using emoji.

Have you ever used emoji in a message to a recruiter?

Emoji cover letter

This was actually created as a joke to write in emoji:

emojis in a resume cover letter sample

Emoji resume

Although they don't often send them to recruiters, designers love to make creative resumes to show off their skills, and this one is no different:

Emoji resume mosaic

The same picture above, created with a mosaic of emoji (make your own)

picture of a resume made of a mosaic of emoji

Emoji job board infographic ad

Hat tip to @vickisalemi:

Emoji recruitment ad for job seeking recruiters

Funny literal translation:

Emoji used in a recruitment ad for engineers and developers

engineers and developers emoji

Work emoji job descriptions

Recruitment marketing company TMP Worldwide challenged their employees to describe their jobs in these great emoji combinations.

John Elstad, SEO Director:

john elstad emoji

Josh Phillips, SEM Team Lead:

josh phillips emoji

Sehare Hemani, Content Marketing Manager:

sehare hemani emoji

Chris Grasso, Vice President, Business Development:

chris grasso emoji

Ali Kelley, Content Marketing Specialist:

ali kelley emoji

Emoji job applications

In 2016, L'Oreal asked people to apply for jobs with emojis:

loreal application emoji

Job rejection via emoji

It wasn't so funny when a restaurant in the UK rejected a waitress applicant with a laughing emoji:

text message exchange

The restaurant later apologized, explaining that “the texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate. However, we expect our team to act professionally at all times and to give constructive feedback after any interview via email.”

Emoji job interview feedback

GiveAGradAGo came up with funny emoji combos that summarise how a job interview went:

“You love the company but you're unsure about the salary”

company salary emoji

“You’re quickly on your way to the top”

way to top emoji

“You were too nervous / shy to ask the right questions”

job interview emoji

“You turned up late to the interview”

late at interview emoji

“You got the job, signed the contract, feeling magic, beers”

got the job emoji

Emoji poem about the lack of women in corporate workplaces

women in workplace emoji

Sadly, even career emoji equality took a few years to happen.

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