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If you're wondering how much better your career can get, this book is for you.

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About the book

🏆 Comment Contest: Win 1 of 5 Copies of Forever Employable

Using the timeline from his own career and anecdotes, stories and case studies from other successful recognized experts, Jeff Gothelf provides a step-by-step guide to building a foundation based on your current expertise ensuring that no matter what happens in your industry you'll remain Forever Employable.

This handy guide to your career and professional development shows you how to create your own content, use it to build your expertise and credentials and then scale it to build a continuous stream of income, interaction and community.

Forever Employable shows you how so that you're always ready for the next step in your career. Reduce your stress, build your community, monetize your platform — that's being Forever Employable.

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🏆 Comment Contest: Win 1 of 5 Copies of Forever Employable


5 physical copies of the new Forever Employable: How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You are available to be won, wherever you are in the world.

How to Win

Simple – Leave impressive comments. This is how to do just that.

The more impressive your comments are, the more chances you have to win. Plus, there are no limits on how many copies you can win, so if you want more than one copy, comment multiple times.

As usual, you or anyone you know can try to influence the choice of winners by leaving more comments in support.


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Be sure to use a real email address when you comment so that I can contact you if you win.

Contest Deadline

To be considered as entries in the contest, all comments must be submitted by this Tuesday, September 22nd 2020, 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific, which is 8pm Israel time (check your local time here).

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Forever Employable Stories: Stephen Shedletzky, Head of Brand Experience and Igniter at Simon Sinek

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Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Joanna Beamon

    Being forever employable is being able to work until I get ready to say its quits, not when society thinks I should. And being able to get a job at any age.

      1. turab

        Dear Jacob,

        How are you doing today?

        I finally completed the book today! The book is filled with gems and Jeff has given a template to make one’s own path either been employed or working for self.

        Thank you so much for choosing me in winning the book in the contest!

        I will read it once again in the coming days.

        Have A Great Week Ahead!

        Best Regards,

  2. Andrea Barlow

    Being forever employable to me means spanning the bridge between consistently having solid core business skills and being malleable to new ways of delivering those skills and learning new skills. Forever Employable by Jeff Gothelf provides the bridge to help you achieve that outcome.

  3. Turab

    The first and foremost thought coming when it comes to being forever employable is not being worried
    # of the next pay cheque
    # of getting fired in a jiffy after putting 10 long years in the same company
    # of taking care of the investments at the end of every year
    # of sending money to mom once in awhile to take care of her treatment
    # to go dine out for anniversary and birthdays
    # to help out a relative or stranger who is in desperate need of money
    # to get expensive gifts to wifey on special occasions
    # to take a paid review of CV and reshaping it instead of only the free services
    # to take a paid one to one session on Skype for improving the career trajectory
    Etc., Etc.,

  4. Nadia

    Individuals who have a positive attitude no matter what and who go with the flow are those most likely to be forever employable! Stand out for your positive attitude, but don’t stand out too much.

  5. Raimon

    To be forever employable means that you don’t have to work. You work because it’s part of your life and it’s something meaningful to you.
    So if you don’t feel like you’re forever employable, just stop, look around and find whatever it makes you feel that you’re not working anymore.

  6. Sara

    Since any new hire is a gamble, when a boss sees s/he made the right hiring decision, that is step to becoming forever employable. When the employee channels his/her own drive for success and results to those of the company, it’s a win-win situation for both employee and employer. So the employee becomes forever employable.

    When companies have to make decisions about downsizing and layoffs, they will retain the “forever employable” staff that are pleasant to be around and contribute to the office environment and culture. So one should focus on being emotionally intelligent, being a true team player, and “leaving your ego at the door”.

  7. Carlos

    Be employeable means that you can deliver value to any company with your background, with skills, with willingness to learn and the most mportant with growthmindset. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to better my skills and I am ready to asume new challenges, for example, entrepreneur my own edtech Startup and create more opportunities for people.
    1000 thanks for this opportunity, God bless you😉👍🚀

    1. Jacob Share

      Thanks Carlos, but the contest deadline has passed

  8. Sara

    After reading it, I want to note that It’s well done, easy to read, and gives a lot of practical advice. Particularly if you are thinking of launching your own business, this book will give you the necessary push.

    I enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend it.

    1. Jacob Share

      Good to hear, Sara. I would hate to promote a book that was terrible! Thanks for the review.

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