Due to popular demand, JobMob is now available directly in Facebook as well.

JobMob facebook page

What is the JobMob Facebook page?

You can find it here. Basically, Facebook pages are like personal profiles but for non-persons such as companies, clubs, etc., and websites like JobMob.

Why start the JobMob Facebook page now?

There are a lot of reasons why now was a good time to put up the JobMob Facebook page:

  • If you're like most JobMobbers, you're already on Facebook. In fact, you're probably on Facebook much more often than on JobMob. The JobMob Facebook page will make it easier for you to network in the JobMob Community while still staying on Facebook.
  • Since the JobMob Facebook page does make networking easier, I can do a better job getting to know you and learning how I can help you even more than I already am.
  • In making our networking more visible, your friends, family and other people will be more likely to see the benefits of joining the JobMob Community and will come on board as well. Which brings us back to our community motto that the more of us there are, the more of us can help and be helped.

Who is the JobMob Facebook Page for?

  • Any job seeker or jobfinder who's already on Facebook and looking for an easy way to network within the JobMob Community.
  • Anyone looking to improve their job search skills
  • People who are curious about JobMob but prefer staying within the Facebook world when getting their information
  • JobMobbers who enjoyed my review of I’m on Facebook — Now What?

Become a fan of the JobMob Facebook page now

Why should I go there if everything I need is right here on JobMob?

Well, that's not quite the case. The JobMob Facebook page does have some features that you can't find here on JobMob:

  1. An Events calendar that I'll be using to announce dates such as job fairs and pro chats, where you can then rsvp and synchronize the events to your personal calendar.
  2. A Notes area where I can post quick messages to the community that don't merit a full blog post.
  3. A Discussion Board or mini-forum where we can discuss job search issues that are important to you and me.

I hope you'll enjoy the JobMob Facebook page.

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  2. Kate

    I look forward to seeing the guest blogging contest update notices in my FB feed.

  3. Kate

    I click on the FB feed link to the guest blogging contest every day.

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