A creative way online to describe and brand yourself in just a few clicks.

Ionz infographic wallpaper

Why would you want to make your own infographic?

5 benefits of a personal infographic

  1. A creative way to describe yourself
  2. Upload it to Facebook and compare with other creative, innovative friends
  3. Use it as a desktop background, or as the base of your Twitter background image
  4. It's fun, only taking a few clicks and a few minutes
  5. It just looks cool

Now let's make yours

Start by visiting the online infographic wizard created by ionz.

(Don't speak Brazilian Portuguese? Me neither, so click the UK flag in the upper righthand corner of the screen to use the English version.)

Be careful with your choices. You can start over if you want to, but you can't go back and make a change once you've started.

Step 1 – Enter your name

Infographic maker step 1

Type your name. Use your full name if you plan on making the final result public. Then, click the right-pointing arrow.

There's a bug that will sometimes prevent you from typing more than the first letter of your name. If it happens, refresh the page and try again.

Step 2 – I am

Infographic maker step 2

Click the familiar girl or boy symbol. As you hover the mouse over either, it will pose for you. Once you make your choice, the site will also show you pie charts about previous visitor's choices.

Step 3 – My main transport is

Infographic maker step 3

I rollerblade a lot and that isn't an option, so I chose ‘walking'. That said, I'm sure most people will be covered by the choices here (not sure how many people use a helicopter as their main mode of transport, though).

Step 4 – I like to eat

Infographic maker step 4

I'm pretty sure the first one is a veggie dish.

Step 5 – I identify with

Infographic maker step 5

This one is just fun.

Step 6 – I have ? email accounts

Infographic maker step 6

As in ‘how many email accounts do you use actively?'

Step 7 – I talk more using

Infographic maker step 7

The post-click statistics seem skewed on this one. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

Step 8 – My favorite social network is

Infographic maker step 8

Be honest.

Step 9 – I stay online ? hours daily

Infographic maker step 9

Slide the dial to whatever's appropriate, but if you need more than 12, maybe you should stop now…

Step 10 – I sleep ? hours daily

Infographic maker step 10

Again, dial it in.

Once you make this last choice, a preview of the first version of your personal infographic appears.

Final touches

If you click ‘Personalize infograph', you can change the color scheme and add your avatar. In the Personal Message box, add a short bio, perhaps copying the one used on your Twitter profile. If you have a website, include the url or at least, a shortened version of it.

Save the final image as wallpaper for your computer and/or:

  • Add it to your website's about page
  • Blog about it
  • Upload it as a photo to your Facebook page

Here's what mine looks like in white, and you can click through to see the full size:

Jacob Share infographic white preview

Cool, no? Another creative way to tell people about yourself.

Question of the article

Of all the statistics in the final infographic, which do you find the most surprising? Tell us in the comments.

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I originally published a version of this article on the terrific Personal Branding Blog.

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Jacob Share

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Interesting. Apparently people building this site don’t have long names. I only was able to enter up to the second N in Connors. Wonder what would happen if someone from India tried.

  2. Jacob Share

    Joel- good catch. It’s a Brazilian website, and I don’t think that country has particularly short names, so I’m also wondering why.

  3. Tehillah Hessler

    What did I find most surprising? They limited the email accounts to SIX! Not enough for those of us managing multiple online campaigns for ourselves and clients.

    BTW, the final product looks like wallpaper for a child’s room 🙂

  4. Jacob Share

    Tehillah- that also surprised me! I actually do have more than 6 email accounts, but I don’t think that’s true for most people, and in the end, I responded based on the number that I use daily.

    Cool idea, create an infographic for each kid and put it on their door or wall, I like 🙂

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  6. Riaz Hussain

    Hi I am Riaz Hussain Me Hlp me plz i am job bielas Abd iam Electric plumber and Generel worker plz me what u Help me plz Razakhankk@yahoo.com plz

  7. Jacob Share

    Jonathan- great results. How did you find your infographic designer?

  8. Kate

    I found all of the comments on this post more interesting than the infographics themselves.

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