In the spring of 2007, I discovered Yaro Starak- one of the most successful self-made bloggers in the world.

Yaro Starak

UPDATE February 2016: Blog Mastermind has reopened again. Join Blog Mastermind Now

Yaro is from Australia and is one of the best known bloggers in the world partly because he earns well over $5000 monthly from his blogging activities.

When Yaro announced he was opening a paid mentoring program at the beginning of summer 2007, it sounded like the perfect chance to take my blogging to another level.

Yaro achieves his high earnings with only 2 hours of blogging per day. Wow! I thought. I have to try this.

So I joined the first virtual class of Blog Mastermind. And you know what?

It was alot of work in the beginning.

But… I liked that. No get rick quick schemes. An emphasis on solid, proven information that's immediately useful and practical, especially if you've been hesitating to begin blogging. Plus, Yaro himself is surprisingly accessible. Which actually makes sense since he spends 2 hours per day blogging and that's his only job.

I was going to tell you about Yaro and Blog Mastermind later after I'd completed the program.
But this can't wait any longer.

Yaro just announced that the program will be closing to new members on Monday, December 10th.
You only have until then to join up.

If you'd like to get an idea why I'm still happily following this program and paying for it after 6 months, take a look at this sample lesson that Yaro has just made available to the public.

A full income in just 2 hours a day is a hard thing to pass up.

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Jacob Share

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  2. Harry

    Jacob, so how profitable has it been for you? After a couple of months does the subscription pay for itself? Actually, you don’t have any ads, so from a subscription perspective, has the course worked for you?

  3. Jacob Share

    Great questions, Harry.

    If you’re applying the lessons and the subscription still hasn’t paid for itself within the first 2 months, that should be an indicator you’re not spending enough time in the Blog Mastermind forums. This is great stuff and frankly, the program isn’t expensive for the value it provides.

    I never started JobMob with the intention of generating a full-time income from it. That said, I could be earning a lot more than I am now. BM has helped me improve the quality of JobMob and made me a much better blogger, which is partly reflected in the size of the JobMob Community.

    The monetization lessons will be used mostly on my other projects.

    But shh! There actually are ads on JobMob…I don’t want to overwhelm loyal JobMobbers like you

  4. Kate

    Ok, but remember, those two hours per day can generate as little as 40 cents per hour and $5 per hour when you’re really good. You have to really know everything to earn as much as $50 an hour.

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