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Every employer will want you to do the job well but when applying for a role, what makes you different?

This is important. Yes, you need qualifications, but employers also want someone dynamic too. I have listed below some of the factors that can relate to what makes you a stand out candidate.

1) Achievements / Accolades

Having achievements within your line of work, whether this is an award or being told you have a high sales record, is something worth acknowledging.

Even if you think this may be a small achievement, adding this to your CV or speaking about this during an interview will demonstrate you as being someone with a strong work ethic. You have achieved this because you worked hard, wanted to achieve something and in turn were rewarded for it.

One of my managers was rewarded for her services towards young people. Not only because she was so good at what she did, but at times she went beyond her means and this was something that her employers felt should be recognized. When I congratulated her, she was so humble; she said it wasn’t actually her award but the team’s award.

This makes her different because she not only acknowledges her hard work, she also respects her team loyally. This is something we can all learn from.

2) Volunteering

Taking some time out to volunteer can not only be good for the soul, but also good for your employment prospects.

By volunteering, you take time out to do good for others. You could end up helping older people, unemployed people, ill people… the list goes on. What you need to take away from your volunteering experience is what did you actually learn from it?

Did you learn new skills, realize you are very lucky or suddenly begin to have a particular passion for something new?

Whatever it may be, this makes you different because you have been unselfish about how you spent time as a volunteer. You may also have a positive role model where you volunteered. I know I did- she would always make me strive to go one step further, telling me “I would keep on learning about life” and she was right.

3) Personality

Your personality may not seem very important to you whilst you are job hunting, but it is.

Some of the main personality traits an employer will look for are someone who is committed, dedicated and has plenty of drive to work. If you show enthusiasm during your interview or presentation you really want to work for the company and may possibly serve as a good team player to the organization.

But many prospective employers are also looking for someone who has a nice personality. What I mean by this is how you come across to potential employers: are you passionate about your beliefs, interested in different things and have a natural zest for life? If so, great! You also need to come across as responsible and respectful too, but if you carry yourself well and show yourself to be genuine, this will impress employers more than if you pretend to be someone you aren’t.

If you appear as someone who is dull, not interested in finding out more about the company, that's a sign that you may not be the right person for the job. Be careful to not come across as completely wacky by making irrelevant jokes or otherwise making your interviewers feel uncomfortable, which aren't cool personality traits.

However if you tell them about  personal projects, like a fundraising campaign you took part in, this shows you have a life outside work and strong principles in place. This in turn will make potential employers think you're a candidate who will be an asset to their team, be a pleasant co-worker, etc.

4) Passion

Why is your line of future employment so important to you?

If you have passion for your career, this will come through on your job hunt.

Think about that for a while.

If you have a true passion for something, it must be represented to your potential employer. Get them to stand up and think “I want to employ this candidate because they love what they do!”

I remember a young person I worked with who was told he would never be able to become a chef. However, he loved cooking so much, he kept at it and was determined to “realize his dream” as he called it. Within a few months, he managed to get a job as a sous chef. His passion was his drive and his employers must have seen how strong-willed he was.

Likewise,  if you really want to do something you won’t give up just like that young man didn’t. If you truly love something, it will shine through to other people, and employers want people like this to work for them.

So what makes you different?

These are some examples of what could make you stand out from the crowd of prospective job candidates.

We are all different and have our own unique skills, beliefs and attitudes. This makes us who we are. Its ok to be different! Don’t follow the crowd. Do what you want to do, choose a job role for the right reasons and it’ll be a job you will truly love.

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  1. Kate

    I didn’t know being different was desirable in a job search. Right now, I spend most of my time playing down my achievements to be what the companies want.

  2. Kate

    Experiences are also a huge differentiating factor because they inform empathy in team situations. We can support each other to become more successful if there is a nurturer on the team.

  3. Amie Paxton

    Great advice, Soma.

    With employers becoming more relaxed about qualifications, personality and passion really are key. As well as the skills a jobseeker possesses, being a perfect fit for the company and their ethos will make you stand out more than other candidates.

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