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Why Job Seekers Need Business Cards

📇 Why Job Seekers Do Need Business Cards

If you want a new job, act like you already have one.

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Man holding his suit jacket closed

😎 7 Signs You’re Actually An Expert On Anything

How to know if you’re an expert and can call yourself one.

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Woman sleeping with her head on a balcony ledge

😴 These Habits Are Most Likely To Stop You From Being Hired

Make it a habit to avoid these bad job search habits.

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Swimmer's feet above the water

🦅 Why You Must Have Every Resume Proofread

You know you should do it, but are you doing it right?

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Awesome / less Awesome sandwich sign

😂 43 Stupidly Funny Wanted Job Ads

Some of the funniest help wanted ad examples and now hiring signs you’ll ever see.

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