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Is Software Piracy Really Theft?

Visiting Romania for the launch of the new Windows Vista PC operating system and the opening of a Microsoft ‘global technical center’ in Bucharest, Microsoft Chairman and soon-to-be full-time philanthropist Bill Gates (William Henry the 3rd to his friends) was surprised with a staggering uppercut punch from Romanian President Traian Băsescu. Figuratively speaking, of course. […]

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Adventures in Business Traveling: The Hotel Stay

People who would like to travel more see business travelers and are jealous – ‘look at them,’ we used to say these people tell themselves, ‘they get to fly and stay in a hotel and visit new places and not even have to pay for any of it!’ Well, not quite. If you’re one of […]

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Who Else Wants To Work For An Israeli Web2.0 Startup?

Did you think that all things Web2.0 were staying away from Israel like European tourists? I don’t blame you – it’s probably because Israeli Internet companies continue to focus their energy on the American market by producing English-only websites for the most part. If we scratch a little deeper however, we can see that there are actually quite a few of these innovators ba’aretz…

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How To Get Hired As A (fill in here)

Over at wait till I come!, Christian Heilmann recently wrote about how to write a proper CV and get hired as a web developer. He opens with a disclaimer explaining how his tips are really only for prospective web developers and that ‘they will probably not work for other professions involved in web development’ but I think he’s selling himself short. As someone who also has hired web developers, I think that aside from a few skimmable details, his tips are useful for any jobhunter. Let’s take a look.

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The Secrets of Successful Internet Conference Marketing – Part 3

The LeWeb3 conference brought to Paris all kinds of people from Internetpreneurs to professional bloggers, from hardcore gamers to so-called Old Media journalists. Many came to listen, but most came with a message to spread. This is Part 3, ending my series of articles on how they did it.

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