As the 2007 JIBs wind down, I just voted in almost all the categories where JobMob was someone else's problem.

I tried to choose the blogs that I thought were best in their class based on content, design, and interaction with readers among other things, but not whether I agreed with the blog's agenda. In other words, you shouldn't consider my vote an endorsement of a blog's message.

Best Mega Blog – Chaptzem

Best Large Blog – Mere Rhetoric

Best Small Jewish Blog – Yid With Lid, but Yutopia was a second choice.

Best Group Blog – Jewlicious

Best Religious Blog- Balashon. Fascinating.

Best Torah Blog – Alleyways to Torah but thanks to Radical Torah for introducing the funny alternative The Comic Torah.

Best Humor Blog – What War Zone?

Best Culture Blog – Dry Bones

Best News/Current Events Blog – The Muqata, but It's Almost Supernatural is also a quality find.

Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog – Fundamentally Freund

Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog – Kumah, but kudos to Life in Israel.

Best Right-Wing Political Blog – Israellycool. Go Aussie Dave, we pay tribute 🙂

Best Left-Wing Political Blog – OlehGirl

Best Jewish Skepticism Blog – Bacon Eating Atheist Jew

Best Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog – Failed Messiah

Best Non-English Blog – Judapest, and kudos to Internet Judia, El, and Houmous.

Best Personal Blog – Treppenwitz

Best Student/Student Life Blog – CampusJ

Best Music – IsraelBeat

Best Photo/Graphics Blog – Sara with No H, but it was a tough choice over The Baleboosteh (even though Danielle trashed JobMob) and Letters of Thought. Also, In Mol Araan should have been in this category. Likewise with Israel in Photos.

Best Kosher Food/Recipe Blog – Gluten-Free by the Bay

Best Designed Blog – Kumah

Best of the Rest – Bagel Blogger

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  1. Hey Jacob –

    Thanks very much for the endorsement!

    You’re now entitled to 2 waffle points or 5 Muqata points. Take your pick 🙂

    Shabbat Shalom,

    Jameel @ The Muqata

  2. Mottel

    Thanks for the good thought!

  3. Kate

    Only 810 points to go to meet my goal for today!

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