Volunteering benefits both the person giving time and the receiver of the donated effort. If you choose wisely, where you volunteer could lead to your next job.
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Help Your Own Cause Too

In 40 Tips for Job Seekers Over 40, I said that volunteering “is a great way to keep a work-based routine and keeps you involved in the community which also translates into many networking opportunities.” This holds true regardless of your age.

Other reasons to be a volunteering job seeker are:

  • You're on a non-profit job search.
  • “Perhaps the best way to explore career options is to try out…volunteer opportunities” says Easysearchjob.
  • “Supporting a cause that is important to you is a great way to meet people with whom you share some ideals” according to Job-Hunt.org.

Following that last tip- try finding a volunteer-needing company (internship?), association or group that helps job seekers whether you are one or not. Doing so will help you stay aware of current job market trends and opportunities in your field of expertise, possibly even before they're made public.

Israemploy logoOne such organization is Israemploy, an Israeli charity for job seekers. As founder Chaim Fox-Emmett once told JobMob, “We have people in South Africa, in England, in America either entering data or doing Internet research because they feel it helps their own goals, but they're quite effective helping people who are here, which is wonderful.”

Another nice plus is that you can help Israemploy from wherever you are without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Contact Israemploy for more information about becoming one of their volunteers.

This article is part of the Something Good mini-group writing project celebrating that blog's first anniversary. Happy Birthday, Something Good.

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Jacob Share

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  1. lornadoone

    We always think about how volunteering can help other people, but you’ve shown how it can be Something Good for ourselves, too! Thanks for joining in the group writing project.

  2. isabella mori

    it’s really interesting to read about this on a blog that is not based in north america. having worked with a lot of immigrants, i’ve noticed that volunteering is quite different in countries other than the US and canada.

    voluntering is a great thing to do. at an organization i’ve worked for a while that catered mostly to the arts community, we would have employers come in once a month to talk about how they hire people. volunteering was always high on the list.

    one important thing about volunteering is that it helps to do it strategically. make sure your volunteering supports your career goals. and don’t forget to mention your volunteer jobs on your resume!

  3. Jacob Share

    @lorna: my pleasure 🙂

    @isabella: I think that quality employers would use volunteer experience as a kind of moral yardstick when they’re evaluating a candidate. Which is why your tip is a good one. Thanks!

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  6. Kate

    Volunteering whether you are working or unemployed is necessary to creating a just society.

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