Everyone has people that have inspired them to do something better, higher, faster or simply to do something. My high school physics teacher thought that fear was the best motivator, a terrible lesson to teach. The following people take a completely different tack by inspiring us all in the best way imaginable- by showing that you can achieve whatever you desire. Each is listed with one particularly outstanding trait of theirs.

Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki – his insight. Guy wrote a phenomenal book called the Art of the Start (see him talk about it) that I would recommend to anyone considering starting anything. It's a particularly fun, quick read for a self-help book and you will definitely learn something. The book dispelled many myths for me, and without it, JobMob would still just be an item on my list of ideas. The Art of Schmoozing is a typical article from Guy's blog, How to Change the World.

John ChowJohn Chow – his attitude. John is a Canadian blogger that I discovered in August 2006 as he was beginning his trek to turn his blog into a profitable business. I still enjoy following John month by month as he describes his many successes and few failures with brutal honesty and unflinching humor. Five Beginner's Blogging Tips is a typical post from John's blog, The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul.

Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina – his motivational skills. Steve has been blogging since 2004 on what he calls “personal development for smart people”, with a website that “will help you make conscious decisions in your personal development and courageously follow through on them.” Too true, and much of what he advises goes beyond personal development. How to Prioritize is a typical article from Steve's blog.

Cristian MezeiCristian Mezei – the depth of his expertise. Cristian is a search-engine optimization (SEO) expert, and his blog was the primer that helped me develop my own expertise in this crucial domain for website owners. There are many other blogs covering SEO, but I like his blog voice and the distinguishing feature of writing from Romania, an up-and-coming European country that was also the birthplace of my grandfather may he rest in peace. Be careful what you write online is a typical blog post from Cristian's blog, Seopedia.org.

Jacob RichmanJacob Richman – his dedication. Jacob is someone that I've mentioned before as a pioneer in Israeli grassroots jobhunting with his famous Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI) mailing list. Easily over a decade old and still going, his list has helped countless people find work in Israel and until recently it was completely free for job seekers (still) and employers (not anymore). Besides this important role, Jacob also runs many other websites helping people learn new languages or showing his enjoyment of living in Israel.

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    You’ve got some high profile inspiration sources there, Jacob 🙂

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  3. Kate

    I always wondered who inspired you.

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