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Jacob Richman today announced the opening of his annual Computer Jobs in Israel Salary Survey.

12th edition yet

JobMob covered Jacob Richman's hitech salary survey in 2007.

Jacob's very clear in explaining that the survey is non-scientific. I think that it's still a useful pulse reading because of the hundreds of replies Jacob usually gets. 2007 was the largest survey year to date.

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If you're employed in hitech in Israel, take the 2008 CJI salary survey and encourage other friends in the industry to do so before February 16th, 2008 (inclusive).

The 2008 salary survey results will be published February 18th if all goes well. Afterwards they'll go up on the Google spreadsheet started last year for easy comparison and some trend analysis.

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  1. building engineers

    ouch, what happened to systems managers from 06 to 07? Not sure how this job is defined, but… Do companies only want individuals these days? forget strategy? symptom of outsourcing to managed data centers?

    A good systems manager can be priceless.

    ~ Dave

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