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Take the Leap, Land the Job:Career Impact Workshop

All job seekers


(As the event is now over, offers and resources mentioned in the recording may no longer be valid, but any questions you have can be directed to Maggie Greene by email at
From resumes to salary negotiation, navigating career can be challenging - especially for women. This fast-paced workshop will help.

About this Event

So many women avoid articulating their accomplishments. The idea of "selling" ourselves is downright cringe-worthy. Whether you're faced with forced layoffs, transitioning into a new industry, or starting your own business, the struggle is real. Your anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, all of it flares up and it’s hard to say what employers need to hear. In this 90-minute session you'll get practical insights and actionable tips to help you make a positive impact in your career. Walk away with the confidence needed to make your next Big Move.   Topics to be covered in the workshop include:
  • communicating your value to others
  • pivoting to a new industry
  • navigating the job hunt process
  • preparing for the interview
  • managing resumes, cover letters, and outreach
  • showing up for prospective employers (in-person and in the virtual world)
  • negotiating salary and benefits
  • and more!
  Note: the first 60 minutes of this session will be recorded for promotional purposes. The final 30 minutes dedicated to open Q+A but will not be recorded.   ABOUT THE PRESENTERS
Host: Maggie Greene of Maggie Greene Style is a on a mission to transform how women see themselves at work. She supports them on everything from wardrobe to resume, with a focus on high-impact low-barrier resources. She also supports entrepreneurs and new women business owners in developing their vision, voice, and brand story. Her Strengths Finder Top 5 Responsibility, Intellection, Individualization, Harmony, and Woo    
Guest: Christina Brennan, communications coach and consultant Christina Brennan is your favorite #commspro. She helps entrepreneurs and side-hustlers figure out (1) what they’re trying to say and (2) how to say/write it well. Through coaching/consulting, workshops, and her Patreon, she helps you build deeper connections, land more deals, and overall be a more impactful communicator. Her Strengths Finder Top 5 Ideation, Futuristic, Strategic, Relator, and Arranger

Virtual event

Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Timezone: UTC+7 (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: Take the Leap, Land the Job:Career Impact Workshop

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