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SOS Interview: Reflect, Practice, Stand Out!

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A one-to-one session with an experienced Career coach who helped hundreds of professionals stand out.

About this Event

This is a one-to-one personalized online session (you and the coach) available in English or/and French. Run by an experienced Career coach who helped hundreds of individuals such as : Professionals (junior and senior) wanting to change job or change career; Mums and individuals who have been out of job for a long time; Individuals who want to practice their interview skills; All in all, any jobseeker who simply do not want to fail that interview opportunity! WHAT YOU WILL GAIN?Practice & Confidence: By the end of this session, you will be efficiently prepared for any future job interview; you will have a good grasp of the questions they will ask based on your itinerary and field; and more importantly, as we will go deep in your work path, you will be able to answer confidently and successfully any type of question. - A honest feedback on your communication skills and how you come across, along with the relevant inputs. - A personalized approach: Your CV will be asked and reviewed prior to the session, as well as the Job Description you are interviewing for (if applicable). - Professional feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile will be sent to you after the session. SESSION CONTENT: 1- Facts and Situations (40 mins) - Career coaching and advices: your GROW ( your Goal(s), Realities and challenges, Options, Way forward) - along with advice related to the job market. - Answering "Tell me about you " (i.e. tell me about your work itinerary") - Bespoke self-marketing techniques and impactful inputs to answer this question effectively and structurally. - Rehearsal - Grasping the strategical value of competency-based questions, and the technique to answer them. - Self-reflection exercise and rehearsal - Working on the 3 ultimate questions that will make or break your interview. - Self -reflection exercise 2- Practice (60 mins) - Job Interview simulation (10 questions) and at the end of it, debriefing of each of your answer. - If required, you will be given specific actions to take away and work on.   For any question or other schedule, contact LKC:

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Virtual event

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Timezone: UTC+2 (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: SOS Interview: Reflect, Practice, Stand Out!

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