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Simple Tips to Make LinkedIn More Useful: JOSH #4

All job seekers

This chat's co-host is LinkedIn expert Daniel Alfon, author of "How to Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success: An Ultimate Guide". Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes articles and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies for his clients and subscribers to his website,  


  • ➡ Good, not-too-time-consuming habits to keep your LinkedIn network warm
  • ➡ Is it artificial to send congrats to connections you don’t really know?
  • ➡ Why you should map out your network
  • ➡ How do you choose which connections to network with?
  • ➡ Good reasons you can use to reach out to connections
  • ➡ How to leverage LinkedIn to discover which skills you should learn next
  • ➡ When a job ends (such as with a layoff), what are the pros & cons to continue listing that job as a current role?


Date: Monday, April 20, 2020
Time: 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Timezone: Asia/Jerusalem (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: Simple Tips to Make LinkedIn More Useful: JOSH #4

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