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Are you ready to elevate your career? Register to become a certified scrum master in 8-days. The average scrum master salary is $100,000

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We will train you, and help you break into the IT Industry. We have successfully trained and placed over 60+ candidates in scrum. We offer a customized Scrum Master Course and SAFe course that helps you learn the concepts of Software development using Scrum as a framework tool, learn up to date frameworks, like Kanban, SAFe, What you get with our training We offer detailed, comprehensive and Job Oriented training in Scrum with Job Placement Assistance, work on your resume, and coach you for interviews Get you certified with two industry recognized certification that gives you instant credibility. Professional guidance for interviews Counseling/One-on-one discussion with Trainer to clarify your doubts. Flexible timings for the training (Online and In-class). Connection to recruiting companies to help you with job placement Access to invite only professional group that helps you grow as an agile professional. Competitive Salary or hourly rates for successful candidates. Help with Job Placement, and on the job support Who should attend? The ScrumMaster course is a great fit for anyone new to Scrum or who has been practicing it in the field and needs to reacquaint themselves with the Scrum framework. If you are coming from a traditional (waterfall) background are skeptical about, or struggling with getting your head around Agile, this class is for you. Agenda: This class covers all required material for CSM as well as some additional Agile topics that are beneficial to the conversation. The focus is on providing the participants with practical tools and techniques they can use in their work as a ScrumMaster. The primary topics are listed below. Participants will also have the option of adding topics of their own choosing as time allows. Agenda includes (but is not limited to): Agile Overview Scrum Theory Scrum Roles Scrum Meetings Scrum Artifacts Definition of Done Scrum Tracking and Reporting Agile Facilitation Agile Coaching Servant Leadership Coaching the Product Owner Impediment Removal Coaching the Organization

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Date: Sunday, March 7, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Timezone: Asia/Jerusalem (check your local time here)
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Cost: US $1000

Full event details: Scrum Master Training, Certification, Interview Prep and Resume Help

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