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Part1: CV REVIEW with a recruiter. Your perfect CV for Swedish employers.

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Work directly with a recruiter, get real feedback on your CV from an employers perspective, first impressions and how you can improve it.

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Just 30 minutes could save you 30 days in your job search.Welcome to our Ask a recruiter series of Workshops. Our workshop is specially designed to give international job seekers in Sweden an insight into what is required by employers and how to improve their chances of success. This is your chance to work directly with a recruiter, get real feedback on your CV and job search from an employers perspective and ask questions such as: How does an employer view my CV? What impression does my CV give? All workshops are held as 1 on 1 sessions via online web meetings over Skype. Typical duration is 1 hour.
WORKSHOP 1: Get help from a recruiter - Your Swedish CV Does your CV pass the 30 second test? The average time reading a CV is just 6.25 seconds   Your CV is your most important tool and first impressions matter to Swedish employers. Get past the screening stage with the perfect CV and get more responses.   Join this workshop to get expert help from a recruiter in creating your CV customized for Swedish employers.       What you will learn:   What do Swedish employers look for in your CV and Cover Letter? Have you included the right information? Get an insight into the hiring process How to present your professional experience? How to profile yourself for different types of jobs. Learn about the Do’s and Dont’s of job application writing How to write a well structured and professional CV presentation       Get help from a recruiter to:   1. Plan and customise your CV format it for Swedish employers customise it for industries and job titles   2. Present your experience demonstrate your credibility quantify your performance and experince quantify your market experience use client references and brands   3. Profile your skills highlight transferable skills strengthen areas of weakness highlight qualifications demonstrate soft skills   4. Structure your CV structure information correctly draw attention to key areas optimise it for keyword, databaese and webforms use LinkedIn to support your CV create a supporting online portfolio tune up your social media profile use tags   5. Style your CV reduce clutter and make it user friendly make it aesthetically appealing maximise readability

Virtual event

Date: Friday, October 16, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+2 (check your local time here)

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Cost: €29

Full event details: Part1: CV REVIEW with a recruiter. Your perfect CV for Swedish employers.

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