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Job Carving & Cold Calling Employers - Webinar

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After the success of the last Job Carving & Cold Calling Employers Webinar that sold out, we have decided to run another one.

About this event

Many employment consultants spend lots of time on and other job sites in hopes of finding a sustainable role for their clients with disabilities. Unfortunately, targeting advertised jobs will only set your jobseekers up to fail. They are competing with hundreds of others in the job market.

When working with someone with a disability, it’s important to work backward and create opportunities for them. The best employment consultants find the gaps and problems within the business, and know how to build a business case that is compelling for the employer. They create opportunities that may not initially exist for their customers. As a result, jobseekers who may have been overlooked and rejected in the labour market, time and time again, because of their inabilities, are now recognized and celebrated for their talents and skills.

Join Rana Kordahi for a 2 hour webinar which equips you with all the tools and step by step strategy for job carving and creating more sustainable work opportunities tailored for your jobseekers.

What you will get out of this webinar

  1. What job carving is and how to utilise it.
  2. How to qualify and target specific employers and organizations for job creation) opportunities.
  3. Develop ways to understand the business gaps and needs.
  4. Identify the jobseeker’s strengths and market them to the employer.
  5. How to make a cold call that grabs the employer’s attention and starts the job carving conversation.
  6. A script for job carving (phone, face to face and email)


 Meet your Instructor

Rana Kordahi is a sales coach, qualified NLP mindset practitioner, writer, and TEDx Speaker. For the past 10 + years she has helped thousands of jobseekers and employment practitioners in employment services across Australia and the UK.

She has won several awards for placing the most people into work, as well as awards in ‘innovation’ in her training workshops. Rana was recently featured as one of the Top 10 Sales Coaches Thriving in 2020 by Yahoo Finance.

Rana is known for her dynamic, interactive, and motivational style of training and has run hundreds of workshops for both staff and jobseekers in Reverse Marketing & Sales, Cold Calling, Mindset, Motivation, Working with Resistant Clients, Resilience and Mindset, and much more.

Rana truly believes in human potential. She enjoys watching and guiding the individual on their path towards personal and vocational success.

Please contact Catherine at or call (02) 8007 5857 if you have any questions or would like to arrange alternative payment methods.

Virtual event

Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+10 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: $47 – $67

Full event details: Job Carving & Cold Calling Employers – Webinar

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