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Job Application in Germany for Foreigners

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Job Application in Germany: Trends of the German Labor Market - better job seeking - the best job application as an immigrant

About this Event

It is hard to find a job in Germany as a foreigner... No, it’s not!

Many German enterprises and organizations are happy to employ good international professionals. Do you want to send out your first application? Or do you currently work in an unsatisfying job and would like to improve your position? This seminar is developed for individuals who are willing to be perceived as a high potential job applicant in Germany. We will learn via practical examples and exercises on how to present your competence better and meet the expectations of German employers.  

Seminar Contents:

  • German labor market and application statistics: How many applications do I have to send to receive an invitation at last?
  • Job offer analysis: How to read between the lines if this job or this company is good for me and if I can fit in? (exercise)
  • Critical self-analysis: Am I a convincing applicant? What are the expectations of employers in Germany? (exercise)
  • CV: How to show the best of me in a gapless CV? (group work)
  • Cover letter: How to produce a great cover letter without being a native speaker or great writer?(group work)
  • Certificates: What if my certificates are not good enough?
  • Important addresses: Where do I get help?
  • More about job application: Networking, perfect timing, qualification, Q&A + Feedback.
After you registered for the webinar I will send the webinar access link to you. We will use zoom.

Virtual event

Date: Saturday, September 5, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Timezone: UTC+2 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: €23.62—€28.62

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