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Janis Siklis - How to get a job on your terms locally and globally?

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Janis Siklis during 26 years since I am in Tech sales has closed deals in 17 different industries, in 9 countries and for 59 customers.
Total amount of closed deals does exceed 28 million EUR. Youtube: Janis Siklis & Instagram: Janis Siklis
All this has been possible based on unique ability not to give up under any circumstances.
All my 59 projects/ signed contracts can be considered as Jobs but they were not published or advertised anywhere. That is why I can say that I have found 59 jobs on MY TERMS and provided and sold my SALES CLOSING related services to my 59 customers via my company Baltic Sales Agency.

In this seminar I will share how YOU can also GET A JOB on YOUR TERMS.

How to get a job in Latvia and abroad on Your Terms. Janis Siklis personal getting 59 jobs examples in 9 countries on My Terms.

Tips and tricks that will work for you, too.

Lecturer: Janis Siklis

Seminar content:

  1. Janis Siklis 28 million EUR sales closing experience in 9 countries and 17 different industries and my 59 jobs on My Terms.
  2. Topics, purpose and benefits for participants of Janis Siklis seminars &Profit Events.
  3. How to get a job on your terms? What to do exactly? – Assessing personal experience, what job / money earning model is best for a person (gain experience and/ or start your own business, be an outsourced service provider or employee)? How to do it? Practical steps.
  4. Description of a person's ideal job. What is the ideal job for yourself?
  5. Person's motivation, persistance and it’s role in finding a job.
  6. Job search sequence:
  1. Sectors in which a person can work or want to work based on assessment of experience and current skills;
  2. How to find companies where a person wants / could work;
  3. Importance of personal presentation and how to do it right;
  4. Person's different approach when addressing the employer;
  5. Importance of contacting pre-selected company representatives and practical suggestions for perfect communication process;
  6. Sending information (application, motivation message, tailor made video clip) and why feedback is important.
  7. Importance of repeated communication and Janis Siklis 10 “job closing” strategies.
  8. Personal meeting – how to get a personal meeting with a Personnel director or a business manager;
  9. Meeting Plan and Strategy – How to Prepare for meeting and How to talk about and negotiate your salary/ payment for your work;
  10. Your Job search campaign milestones.
  11. “Follow-up with decision makers”meaning in job search and your milestones that have to be set and achieved.

7.How to find a job using web sites and via social networking.

  1. International job ads platforms and what you can do here in order to stand out.
  2. The sequence of actions to be followed when looking for a job using job ads.

10.Importance of a personal presentation and communication skills.

  1. Perfect phone call to decision maker/ HR Director – Janis Siklis personal examples that did work successfully.
  2. Job Interview Plan and Strategy – How to prepare for it perfectly in advance.
  3. Job Interview process – never second chance to make the first impression approach.
  4. Again- your persistant follow-up meaning and importance.

15.How to find work using contacts and suggestions from friends / family and people that know you.

  1. Contacting recruitment companies for job search – your game plan and how do you “stand out from the crowd”

17.How to work / sell your skills and knowledge by providing your personal services on international job/own services websites. Description of the sequence of actions and steps to follow.

  1. Questions and Answers.

“Never ever giving up” approach to life and business Janis wants to teach to any and every motivated participant of Profit events with Janis Siklis.

Purpose of organizing Profit events with Janis Siklis is to provide every and any participant with practical guidance, strategies and advice how to handle all issues that are currently on your agenda:

If You are tired from “trusted authorities” that promise you to earn 6 or 7 figure income (because you know that this is not possible to implement in a short term) I do encourage you to join Profit Events with Janis Siklis and get valuable strategies that you need right now and right here.

Please visit my websites before you make a decision to join other motivated participants of Profit Events with Janis Siklis:

Youtube: Janis Siklis

Instagram: Janis Siklis

P.S. If you have questions if these profit events are for you, please write to: or call Janis at+37129207407. See you in my Profit Events off-line and also online!

Truly Yours,

Jānis Sīklis

Twitter: #JanisSiklis


Janis Sīklis businesses (Baltic Sales Agency SIA and Tech Sales Global SIA): Global tech sales strategies definition and implementation – Sales outsourcing services targeting Baltic states – Finnish government funded and BSA managed Baltic export project for 8 Finnish manufacturers.

Janis Siklis video references on Youtube:

Valopaa Oy CEO’s Kauko Vainamo video reference:

General Electric Ex-Top executives Peter Macro (UK) and Stephen Farrington (U.S.) video references:

LEC (Latvia) Ex-General shareholder Janis Kols video reference:

Bauer Group(Austria), 8 digestate separators sales video reference:

New Eco Tec (Germany) owner Christian Wenner video reference:

Mavitek Tiekoneet (Finland) owner Esa Kohtamaki video reference:

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Date: Thursday, August 20, 2020
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