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Interview Prep for Technology Professionals (Free Webinar)

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Need help preparing for your interview? Here's a free webinar from the experts!

About this event

Getting Hired in the Technology Sector: Interview Prep (Free Webinar Series)

What We'll Cover:

  • Different types of interviews and how best to prepare for them.
  • Not all interview prep is technical. What else should you be doing?
  • What the role of research is in preparing for an interview.
  • What to take to an interview. (Hint: it’s not just your resume)
  • How to rebound from a bad interview.

[Presented by Peg Bogema and Brian Skory of Stout Systems]

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Virtual event

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Timezone: UTC-4 (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: Interview Prep for Technology Professionals (Free Webinar)

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