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Interview | Job | Date Ready Skin Care Power Lesson | Master Class

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Covid-19 came out of nowhere & turned all of our lives upside down. It has affected people's security blankets, Relationships, & Confidence.

About this Event

Every week, I will be hosting live power lessons, to help you transform your life, reduce stress, and build confidence. In the process, I will work closely with you to help you make make-up optional using products you already own. If you need it (add-on Bonus), you can join my free 21 days clear skin challenge to help you build a customized DIY regimen for clear, smooth, and even.

  • Has the stress of the Covid-19 Pandemic taken you/your skin for a spin?
  • I've got the perfect solution for you. Every week, I will be hosting a live powerlesson with the focus of helping you change your life your skin.
  • Use Your Own Products
  • Ask Me Question
  • Private Group Full of Resources



Professional Treatments to Help You get rid of your skin Problems for Good! Is Acne, Acne Scars, Blemishes, or Uneven Skin Tone Keeping you from enjoying your life?

Come Relax & Unwind Escape the Pressures & Stress of your life. Luxury Lotus Spa, located in the heart of Tampa, FL, is an oasis of comfort and relaxation where you can choose from a variety of customized skincare, body treatments, and full-body waxing services.

Book a New Client Consultation Today! Your Skin Condition Keeping you from the Career & Life you Deserve? Could use a little extraction. Tried spot treating with Retin-A. Need skin care that works. Professional, sanitary, cleanliness is important to you. You want to relax, without “that smell”.

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ABOUT: Esther The Esthetician

I'm Esther, the owner of Luxury Lotus Spa in Tampa, FL since 2015. I'm a Certified Skin Care Specialist, licensed aesthetician and nail technician. My journey to become a beauty expert goes back to 2010 with my own personal struggle with acne. It is through my work learning how to first improve my own skin care, and then my passion to bring this knowledge to others, that I came to truly understand this guiding principle:

Beauty is a state of mind as much as a physical way of being.

In my eyes, all of my clients are beautiful. But you may have blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone, sensitive skin or other conditions that inhibit you from looking and feeling your best. My calling truly is to help you transform your self-image from the inside out, using state-of-the-art facial, body and waxing techniques to reveal your exquisite self.

Everyone is an individual, so there's no “one size fits all.”

To best address your unique needs, I take time to understand your goals and desires…



  • Jump start your Journey to Clear, Smooth, and Even Skin Today
  • Unusual Times Call for Unique Beauty Methods!
  • Introducing the Luxury Lotus Spa Virtual Facial
  • Please book one-two weeks in advance as this will allow me to ship you a customized facial kit.
  • Each kit includes professional-grade facial products to ensure a result-driven protocol.
  • visit our online booking page to schedule your facial.
  • Access to our Private Facebook group where you will have direct access to me
  • My personal cell phone number so that you can text me your skincare questions anytime
  • One-on-on virtual Facial Call – I will guide you step by step.
  • To learn what's in each kit and/or sign up – click the START NOW below.


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Virtual event

Date: Saturday, December 19, 2020
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Timezone: UTC-5 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: US$79

Full event details: Interview | Job | Date Ready Skin Care Power Lesson | Master Class

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