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How to Proactively land a job using LinkedIn

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Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile appear in more searches and stand out from the crowd.

About this event

So here’s the thing… If you’re a working professional and you’re not yet utilizing the power of LinkedIn to expand your career opportunities and to network, then you’re missing out.

LinkedIn is considered the world's largest social network for working professionals. With now almost 600 million users, this platform is the perfect place to develop new connections, network for new job opportunities and even write articles.

Making a great Linkedin profile is key to stand out and connect to the right people. You need an impactful LinkedIn profile that draws attention, says the right things, and helps you really connect.

In this event you will learn:

1. You will also learn how to get in front of a decision maker at your target company instead of applying online and getting auto-rejected.

2. How to create an impactful profile, learn tips and see examples.



About the Presenter:

Elizabeth Mintus is the founder of Here's Waldo. She was a Principal Recruiter at a technical recruitment agency for four years and built out the gaming division. In July 2020 she founded Here’s Waldo Recruiting which is a boutique technical recruitment firm that focuses primarily on the video game industry. We hire 10 person start-ups through some of the largest franchises in the world.Our mission is to make clients and candidates feel cared about and understood in the process of finding each-other. We go out of our way to provide the best possible candidate experience

Virtual event

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Timezone: UTC-7 (check your local time here)

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Full event details: How to Proactively land a job using LinkedIn

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