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How To Ace Any Job Interview

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How to Ace Any Job Interview / How To Get The Best Start on Your Professional Journey

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Amongst people today, there is a crisis of underemployment and withering ambition. At a time like this, a resume might get you through the door but it will come down to survival of the fittest, top notch interviewing skills, the ability to deal with stress and qualities that set you apart from the rest & excellent communication skills.

This webinar will teach you how to master the interview process and develop a mind-set that is unwilling to relent. Ideal for those who are looking to step out into the professional world.

“Graduating right now is a particular form of bad luck, but those who finished school and joined the workforce in recent years aren’t lucky either. Young people, as a group, seem to be taking a harder hit economically than those in older generations.”

Amongst young people there has been an increase in unemployment, and this can have a negative effect on ambition. It can be discouraging and frightening and can lead to stress, depression and low self-worth.

At a time like this, a resume might get you through the door but it will come down to survival of the fittest, top notch interviewing skills, the ability to deal with stress and other qualities that set you apart from the rest.

Too many young people don’t know how to make their goals and dreams come true when times seem tough. This can be due to lack of experience of confidence when it comes to believing in themselves and their skills.

This webinar will teach you how to ace any job interview with confidence and determination. Ideal for those who are looking to step out into the professional world.

I am living proof that while education gets you in the door, it’s not enough to keep you there. She had no money, no experience and not even a great education. Infact, she came from one of the most poverty-stricken areas on the planet.

Having been persistent enough to have worked for three multinational banks over 23 years and having worked for the graduate recruitment department as well for quite some time, she has put together a course that will cover the following:

● Top 20 (advanced) questions to prepare for any interview

● Tips on how to deal with anxiety, stress or fear

● How to prepare for phone, in-person, panel or video interviews

● Secrets that highly paid professional use in order to stand out

● The art of selling yourself

● Develop a mind-set that is unwilling to relent

● A cheat sheet on how to prepare for an interview in just 20 minutes (if you need to)

● A strategic plan on nailing down an interview process

Skills are one thing but what Jillian had was the right attitude and resilience of a very different kind. And I want to instil these skills & techniques in as many minds as I possibly can.

I want to empower you to give you tangible confidence and an actionable plan for what you’ll do with your life post-covid, post-hardship, post-redundancy, post-trauma or even post-poverty.

“The forces of fate that bear down on man and threaten to break him also have the capacity to ennoble him” – Viktor Frankl.

In other words, no matter how hard times are, there is always hope and a ray of light.


Hi Jillian, I attended the webinar on How to Ace a job interview. Thank you for answering all my questions. I did as you said and I got the job I was preparing for. Thank you very much – Micah Mutia

Thank you for connecting! I just attended your live feed of “How to Ace Your Interview” and was beyond inspired by your personal experiences. Thank you for your valuable time and interview advice. I look forward to reading your work and following your career journey – Diana Sims

I am still in senior high school and I watched your webinar about how to ace your interviews. It really answered my questions about job interviews. I hope I can learn more because I find your talks very inspiring – Danelline Sario

I am a graduate student who attended one of your webinars on “How to ace your interview”. The webinar was very insightful and informative. I discovered new topics and things that I was ignorant of before. Thank you so much for an enlightening webinar. I would love to connect with you and learn from you further. Best Regards, Shenaha.S

Hello! Jillian, I enjoyed your free webinar on How to Ace Your Interview with Dean. Thank you for the tips and reminders you've shared with us. Please continue to do more. Hope we can connect, Thank you again for this opportunity. Love from Philippines.

About Jillian:

Jillian has a 23 year career in Banking and is a Motivaitonal Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author & Philanthropist.

Everyone has it within them to be extraordinary and it doesn't need exceptional talent or skill – just the right mind-set to realize their potential.

Many speakers will say they can help people to take action in their own lives, but few can really and truly do it. Time after time, Jillian hears stories (like the ones above) from people who, within 24 hours of listening to her, have taken some radical steps forward.

As a speaker, Jillian can motivate and inspire almost any audience, from corporate organizations to social institutions, from the wealthy to the under-privileged in Europe and India.

Her clients include some of the top organizations and institutions in the world, such as The Bank of England, McDonalds, King’s College London, Barclays, The University of Cambridge, Heriot Watt, TEDx and many others.

A popular media guest, Jillian has been featured on Channel 5, the BBC, ITV, The Independent, The Pioneer, The Times, The Telegraph, the Metro, Gulf News and many other major media.

Jillian has been honoured with a growing list of awards. A few of the biggest:

– The Mother Teresa Memorial International Award 2017

– Excellence in Humanitarianism Award for her work in India, December 2016

– First runner-up for The Asian Woman of the Year in 2012

– True Legend Award for her exceptional contribution to humanitarian causes, from The Telegraph, April 2015

– The Individual Achievement Award & The Service Excellence Award from RBS & Bank of America.

– Nominated by the public for ITV’s 2015 Inspirational Woman of the Year award

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