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Career Transitions into Cybersecurity

All job seekers


Great opportunity to level-up or pivot your career through a cybersecurity workforce development program for diverse backgrounds!

About this Event

Have you been detached and dissatisfied in your current job? Are you willing to take a jump into a new thrilling and rapidly growing sector? Or are you ready for an opportunity to level-up your career? A Cybersecurity Career Transition Track might be a great solution. CyberWayFinder (CWF) a cybersecurity training organization, has created a specific track for those who have not had any experience in the cybersecurity or IT sector so far. It’s one of our Career Transition Tracks (CTT) named ‘The Foundation of Security’. The Foundation of Security program’s main goal is to provide people with any type of background (IT or Engineering background not necessary), an introduction to the ‘Common Body of Knowledge’ so they can successfully start in the cybersecurity field. The aim of this event is to explain the ‘how and why’ CWF is supporting you to succeed in this thrilling field, answer all your questions as well as explaining what it means to be a cybersecurity practitioner. Agenda We will discuss how this blended-learning training might help you out. The agenda in detail: - Explanation on the Key topics - Explanation of the role of a cybersecurity professional - Admissions Who should attend this event? Supporting people who are interested to transfer into the cybersecurity sector is the reason that our training organization exists. We are inviting all professionals with at least one year of work experience in any professional field, interested in knowing more about- or taking a leap into this sector. Further reading 1. 2. 3.

Virtual event

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+2 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: Free

Full event details: Career Transitions into Cybersecurity

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