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Career Success Essential Workshops

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The program will provide international students with career and employability skills.

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Career Success Essential Workshops – International Student

Program overview

This program provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in your job search and in your professional career. In these workshops you will increase your employability skills and your career success by learning more about communication and job search strategies. We will discuss how you succeed in your job application process and master your job interview.

During the program you will learn more about yourself and how to use your strengths to be successful in your job searching, your career progression and sense of belonging. We will practice several real life and professional scenarios in a friendly environment where you can challenge yourself. The program integrates five interactive workshops to develop your confidence in job search and career situation. There will be guest speakers from international students and multicultural backgrounds to share their tips and experience.

About the trainer

The Workshop will be facilitated by Marcel Briggen, a career coach and academic instructor at the University of Sydney Business School. Marcel is passionate about education, teaching and coaching people from diverse cultural backgrounds to provide a positive experience for their personal and career development. Marcel is originally from Switzerland and has over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry in Europe and Australia.


We encourage you to book and attend all training modules as they are interrelated, however you can also book your preferred module alone.

Module 1 – Interpersonal Relationship at the Workplace

Saturday 17 April 1pm-4pm

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals about interpersonal relationships in the Australian workplace. We will discuss the importance of creating and maintaining professional relationships for your career. You will visualise your professional network and we will discuss strategies on how you stay connected with those people who are important for your career. You will experience how to make your network successful to achieve your goals in your job searching and in your professional life. We will practice how to start a conversation and how you make a positive impression.

Module 2 – Personal Branding Winning Formula

Saturday 24 April 1pm-4pm

In this workshop you will create your personal brand which makes you standout in networking, interview and career situations. First you will learn more about yourself. Who you are, who you want to be and how you want to be seen by others? Everyone is unique and you will identify your strengths and use them to increase your confidence. After knowing your strengths, you will create your personal brand to develop your personal story which you can use in several situations in your career context. You will prepare your self-introduction and share your personal story with confidence.

Module 3 – Strengthen Your Business Communication

Saturday 1 May 1pm-4pm

In this workshop you will learn and practice how to start a conversation and how to introduce yourself in different business scenarios. The ability to speak with confidence in the workplace is critical for your career success. We will develop strategies so that other people listen to you and remember you. You will practice how to use your body language, your facial expressions and your voice variations in your favour to make a positive impact. A very powerful tool is including a story into your presentation. You will provide a powerful speech by using the skills you have learned in this workshop.

Module 4 – Succeed In Your Job Application

Saturday 8 May 1pm-4pm

In this workshop you will prepare for a successful job application and you will learn more about job searching strategies. We will discuss how to write a smart resume and application letter by using your personal brand to differentiate yourself from other applicants. You will then practice how to match your resume with the job description. LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool, and we discuss how you can use it for your job search and for your networking strategies. We talk about the benefits of networking and how it can help you to shorten the job application process.

Module 5 – Ready For Interview Success

Saturday 15 May 1pm-4pm

In this workshop you will prepare for your job interview and practice for success by combining all skills you have learned during this program. Firstly we discuss the right mindset for success and the message you need to provide to get the job. We discuss how you can prepare for the interview and where you get the required information. You will practice how to start the interview by making a good first impression and you will use your personal story for your self-introduction. We will look into interview questions and how you best answer them. And we practice how you can show your interest and curiosity by asking questions.

Virtual event

Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+10 (check your local time here)

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