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Career Kickstart - small group coaching

All job seekers


Ready to repurpose your skills, retool your resume and reboot your career?

About this Event

This small group coaching program is for professionals who are ready to emerge from this economic crisis strategically positioned to stand out and get the job you want. Whether it’s putting food on the table, landing your dream job (yes you can, even now) or feeling more secure in your current job – this program is for you. Right now.

What we will do:

First, we step into your strengths. We get clear on who you are, where you shine and what you should be doing. Through an interactive strength exercise, we identify your core strengths at work, repurpose these skills then hone in on exactly what you love and want to do. In doing so we lay the foundation for your power positioning statement for when the stakes are high.

Next we identify your true value. We determine the value in each strength, demonstrate why these matter at work and practice articulating why a potential employer should hire you, specifically. Here you learn how to differentiate yourself by tying your strengths to business results and using persuasive communication techniques to position yourself to win.

After you’ve honed your key strengths and differentiators, armed with your new power statements you will retool your resume to stand out from the herd. Demonstrate results throughout your work history and create metrics where you may have struggled before. Craft a concise and compelling skill summary while demonstrating the “so what” in black and white.

Our final week pulls everything together by preparing you for your virtual interview. We set you up for success by showing you how to lead with your strengths – a deeper dive on the rule of three. We will cover interview basics with a technology twist. Building screen rapport and key insights into the number one deal breaker in a virtual interview – authenticity. We end with interview close techniques…also known as how to ASK FOR THE JOB. Throughout this session we will also be discussing technology hacks and how to keep the focus on you, not your technology.

How we will do it:

This game changing small group program is a combination of self-paced training, live group coaching and personal one to one feedback with me, your career confidence coach.

What you will get:

• StrenghtsFinder exercise and analysis

• Power Positioning Statement Template ™

• Four live group coaching sessions

• High Stakes Personal Branding – self paced learning module

• Persuasive Resume Skills – self paced learning module

• Nailing the Virtual Interview – self paced learning module

• Advanced persuasion techniques

• Thirty minute one on one coaching session after program completion

• Resume formatting with graphic designer*

*optional upgrade with discounted fees

How you will feel:

“My career search became laser focused and my messaging was crystal to potential employers. I found a job that makes me smile every day, aligns with my goals and feeds my passion. Thanks to Nancy, I am fully connected with what makes me happy professionally and clear on my intentions moving forward.”

Space is limited to keep this group small and and post pandemic pricing is still available for our March session only. $395.00 for the entire program. Full price is over $2,400.00. Sign up today.


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Virtual event

Date: Monday, March 1, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 8:00 am
Timezone: UTC-5 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: $410.42

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