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Career Care Package - Celebrate 100 shows with us with a dose of hoptimism

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We’re celebrating a super important milestone this week.

We’re hitting 100 shows!!!!!!

This week is such a special week for us – but not really us.

It’s a special week celebrating everyone who’s watched the show, come on the show and supported the show.

And to celebrate we’re inviting past guests and the audience onto the show to talk about optimism.

The theme is what makes them optimistic, and how they’ve used optimism to overcome adversity.

Optimism is linked to so many positive outcomes – great relationships, successful careers, longevity – but most importantly – we think it’s something we all could use a big dose of right now.

We like to think of #careercarepackage as being a really #hoptimistic project.

Hoptimism = hope + optimism.

We started it as we wanted to bring hope at a really dark time in March, as the world was shutting down with the pandemic.

But we did not know what would come out of it – just optimistic that it was important work to do.

What has come out of it is inspiration and insights for our audience.

Our audience have made valuable connections with each other – some have even found opportunities and jobs.

Our guests have also networked with each other, and some have gone onto other podcasts and broadcasts.

It’s been super delightful to see people from all over the world watch the show – from India, France, the US, and Israel.

So join us this week as we bring you special guests each show.

Spread the word and spread hoptimism.

And see what wonderful things come out of it.


Click on Naishadh Gadani’s activity tab on LinkedIn at 3pm 3/8 – 7/8.

If the show does not come up, hit refresh until it does.

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Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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