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Employee attachment. The surprising reason you feel meh about “that” new job

Ever been offered a job and felt for some reason it was the wrong choice?

Maybe you started and did not feel welcome.

If you're like me in this scenario you think it might be something you were doing.


Here's the kicker.

Chances are it's not.

Chances are what you're experiencing is adding up to the sum total of a number of small missteps or mistakes an employer is making around recruiting you and settling you in –  which means among other things, you don't feel accepted or like you belong.

Today we're talking on employee attachment with Anthony Sork.

Anthony is an expert on employee attachment and detachment. He has developed the employee attachment inventory – an instrument that measures your perceptions of security, trust and value, acceptance and belonging, that's now used by many tier-1 corporations and government bodies.

He's going to break down what could be going wrong, when for example, you feel like you don't belong.

Whether you're looking for a job, or looking to hire for a job.

I promise you, you'll learn something.


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