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Career Care Package #102 Why languaging our feelings leads to better job search support.

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So I'm not sure if languaging is a verb or not, but what I do know is that we don't have great ways to describe our feelings. We say "I'm anxious." We say "I'm sad." We say "I feel depressed." And then typically we leave it for the other person to understand exactly what that means. And often because we're not that great at dealing with other's emotional discomfort (or perhaps we're too self-focused) that's where the conversation ends. Why am I mentioning this? Well, without a fuller description - we're missing a great opportunity for others to connect with what we're feeling - be able to better understand that feeling, and help us if they can. From a job search perspective, this means we miss the opportunity to build a better support network. So to give you an example here's how it works for me. Instead of saying "I feel anxious" I could say: "I lie awake at night with the same thought spinning around in my head. It's like a broken record. I try to understand why I feel so crap. I work out solution after solution after solution. Then when I try to go to sleep I wake up 30 minutes after, rinse and repeat." I'd suggest it becomes pretty clear what's going on after that. Today we have a very special guest on Career Care Package. Meet Karen Williams. Karen is a leadership trainer, coach, speaker, and author. Among the many fascinating things she's done is facilitate conversations between people who had offended against the law and the victims of those crimes. Definitely a conversation where languaging is critical. So come, join in, ask questions and get support. That's the reason we love running Career Care Package.


Click on Naishadh Gadani's activity tab on LinkedIn at 3pm 11/8. If the show does not come up, hit refresh until it does.  

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Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Timezone: Australia/Melbourne (check your local time here)

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Full event details: Career Care Package #102 Why languaging our feelings leads to better job search support.

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