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Australia Job Seekers #18

All job seekers



>> IMPORTANT: The link to join the event will be sent as an email on behalf of Meetup (You will receive it in the email ID registered with meetup). If you do not receive it by July 8th, please get in touch with me asap at [masked] . Any issues with regards to not receiving the event link will not be entertained. << Time to announce my next event! We've had over 550 participants across 17 meetups so far and the group is growing bigger and better! I'm opening this event up for anyone in Australia (or planning to migrate to Australia). This event will be online, and I'll try my best to make it as effective as it used to be Purpose - - Talk and share job hunt stories/experiences - Help others with some tips on job hunt - Address common issues - local experience, Visa etc. - What to do during this pandemic situation - See what others are doing to improve job hunt - Q&A with Recruiter/Career coach (if available) - Have a good time! People actively looking out for a job and those who have tips to share would be welcome. Recruiters/Career coaches are also welcome! Note: I'd appreciate if you RSVP only if you are at least 80% sure to make it. All the participants put a lot of effort to make this a reality and would be a waste if people ghost out. Agenda (Tentative, will be tweaked closer to date) - 1. Icebreaker - Official Start at 5.30. Networking is the objective until then. 15 mins 2. Sharing my journey as a job hunter. Will highlight what I did, what I did wrong and what I learned - 20 mins 3. Sharing stories. I'll pick random names from the participants to share their stories. No pressure though, if you don't want to speak we'll move on to the next person. However this is a great opportunity for you to speak, I highly recommend utilizing this!. Please follow this structure for making it more effective - ~60 mins ** Name, where you are from and how long you have been here ** Profession ** If you are job hunting - how's it been so far? If you have a job - how was your job hunt? ** What do you think is the reason for not being successful. This is the most important bit as I'll try to figure out if you are doing something wrong based on the inputs you give. Retrospection is very important to move forward. Give this some thought, and if you still are unsure you can talk about the circumstances of rejection (eg; Not getting calls, no feedback, etc.) ** I/experts will give inputs on what you are doing right/wrong 4. Short Break - 5 mins 5. LinkedIn Tips and live review of profiles - 15 mins 6. Q&A session for Recruiters and Career coaches. Please keep your questions ready and sensible(talk to me if you have any questions) - 30 mins 7. Networking/Personal Chats - As long as people are around Recruiters attending * Jo McCatty - Recruiter/Coach Coaches attending * Terry O'Reilly - Coach at OBP Australia * Naishadh Gadani - Coach at Your Career Down Under NOTE: You may request a cancellation for the event up to 72 hours before the event to receive a refund (Paypal/Meetup charges are non-refundable. This comes close to $1). Any cancellations within 72 hours to the event are non-refundable. Registration is mandatory.

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Date: Thursday, July 9, 2020
Time: 12:00 am
Timezone: UTC (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: Free

Full event details: Australia Job Seekers #18

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