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At risk of losing your job and don’t have a plan? Feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated at work? Learn the seven (7) deadly sins that kill job searches and how to avoid them. Have you previously tried to change jobs and failed to secure the job offer. Are you unfulfilled in your career? You may have UNKNOWINGLY committed one of the seven (7) deadly sins that kill job searches... The 7 Deadlies…
  1. Failing to Manage Stress 2. Not Having a Strategic Plan 3. Losing Your Motivation (Getting Comfortable) 4. Letting Your Network Go Stale 5. Relying on an Underperforming Resume 6. Inadequately Preparing for Interviews 7. Failing to Appropriately Research and Negotiate Your Salary
HOW YOU KNOW THAT YOU’VE COMMITTED 1 OR MORE OF THE 7 DEADLIES WITH RESPECT TO YOUR JOB SEARCH ** You don't know which habits you should cultivate to alleviate job stress. ** You don't have an easy to implement job search strategy plan to help keep you on track. ** You haven’t clarified your "why". **You don't understand your abilities, skills and knowledge (what I call your "ASK"). ** You haven’t engaged your network and your contacts have gone cold. ** Your resume is inappropriate or doesn’t get pass the applicant tracking system causing you to miss out on opportunities for which you’re well qualified. ** You’ve had multiple interviews, but failed to secure a job offer. ** You fail to research and negotiate (or renegotiate) your salary so you leave thousands of dollars on the table. Any of this sound familiar? If you have started your search and made one or more of the above mistakes…you have committed one of the 7 deadly sins that kill job searches...and it just might have killed yours. _____________________________________________________ IS THIS ONLINE MASTERCLASS FOR YOU ? ** Those who have started their job search and applied for jobs before and failed to secure an offer, and plan to apply again in the future ** You committed one or more of the 7 deadlies during your previous job search ** You want to know how to avoid and correct these critical mistakes to ensure a successful job search next time OUR PROMISE TO YOU, WHAT WE’LL COVER! What I’ll show you is the 7 (seven) critical mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to accelerate your job search in difficult times, and what to do to address it if you’ve already committed 1 or more of the 7 deadlies. You are going to learn the following: *** The 1st thing you must do during these difficult times *** Importance of having a job search strategy and the key elements you need *** How to identify your ASK and why it’s important *** Why your application was passed over and how you can get noticed *** How to effectively prepare for the interview so the company doesn’t go with another candidate *** What you need to do to effectively negotiate so you’re not losing $750,000+ over the lifetime of your career *** This online masterclass will be will take place on Zoom. The access information will be emailed the day of the masterclass from Eventbrite so save Eventbrite to your address book to avoid the email going to your spam folder. *** If you attend The Corporate Career Strategist, Apply Interview Offer: Accelerate Your Search, Land Your Dream Job Online Masterclass, you understand that your photograph may be taken, and you may be videotaped. By submitting your RSVP, and/or attending, you agree to allow The Corporate Career Strategist the right to use images of you, or your likeness, or any edited variation thereof, in future promotional materials. **

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Date: Saturday, May 23, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Timezone: UTC+4 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: $47

Full event details: APPLY INTERVIEW OFFER: Accelerate Your Search, Land Your Dream Job

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