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Acing the HR Interview for Olim Software Engineers & Data Scientists

All job seekers


Get tools & insights from HR experts in top hi-tech companies about how to successfully approach the HR interview!

About this event

When being interviewed you were probably asked questions that you didn’t know how to answer. Such as: where do you see yourself in 3 years, what would your manager say about you, etc. They may also ask you for references, but you don’t know anyone in Israel – or maybe this is your first job.

Here's your chance to get the insights and tools from HR experts from top hi-tech companies on how to handle these questions and more.

In this panel, we will discuss:

⭐ What HR is looking for when they meet with you

⭐ The do's & don'ts in an interview

⭐ Applying for positions from abroad & more

After this panel, you'll be equipped with the tools to enter your next HR interview with confidence & a better understanding of what your interviewer is looking for.


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Virtual event

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2021
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Timezone: Asia/Jerusalem (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: Acing the HR Interview for Olim Software Engineers & Data Scientists

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