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How To Make The Transition Correctly from Campus to Corporate? How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes made by young graduates & students?

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When you graduate from college you aren’t guaranteed anything.

Unlike previous generations where most graduates had an easier time finding a job it’s now getting tougher and tougher. On top of that there’s the stress of the student debt most students have. Many graduates are forced to take low-paying jobs, some even minimum wage jobs because of this situation. Not to mention other issues such as covid etc.

The number of graduates looking for jobs is increasing but the number of job openings is decreasing. With such fierce competition to get a job you want, you need to be equipped with the right skills to stand a chance.

This webinar will teach you what it takes to land your dream job. If you want to make it in the corporate world this webinar is a must to attend.

I have taught hundreds of graduates how to successfully transition from being a student to a professional in the corporate world.

You will learn how to

o Develop the right attitude & mindset for becoming corporate material

o Avoid the 10 Mistakes that almost every graduate makes

o Effective communication & understanding the “Trust” code (a Harvard technique)

o Rapport building, finding common ground & getting what you want out of your career

o Basics in corporate etiquette & grooming

o How to Ace a job interview

o Using failures as stepping-stones to success

o Ask for help

o How to manage conflict & difficult people.

o Increase your mastery of the single most important skill of corporate life – communication, so much more practical and applicable help…

I have been working in the corporate/banking world for over 23 years and have worked for some of the most well-known international companies including having worked directly for the CEO of Bank of America and the graduate recruitment department as well. I understand what companies are looking for when they look to hire new talent.


I attended Jillian's lecture. If I were to describe Jillian's webinar in three concepts, this will be: Informative, Big Picture, and Practical. As a recent graduate, I've learned so much about the in's and out's of the application processes which I never thought I needed. How to tailor your resumes? How to prepare for job interviews?—these are the questions that every job seekers have in their mind, and Jillian will help you answer these in an informative, big-pictured, and practical way. I want to express my thanks to you for your valuable contribution to my budding career, and would very much like to follow your work and connect with you – Gabriel Jose Sabulao

Hi Jillian, Thank you for answering all my questions during our session. I did as you said and I got the job I was preparing for. Thank you very much – Micah Mutia

I am still in senior high school and I watched your webinar about how to ace your interviews. It really answered my questions about job interviews. I hope I can learn more because I find your talks very inspiring – Danelline Sario

I am a graduate student who attended one of your webinars on “How to ace your interview”. The webinar was very insightful and informative. I discovered new topics and things that I was ignorant of before. Thank you so much for an enlightening webinar. I would love to connect with you and learn from you further. Best Regards, Shenaha.S

Her experiences fascinated the student members of CUiD, not merely because of the instinctive appeal of her rags-to-riches tale. It is no Cinderella story, but rather emphasizes hard work and sheer courage. – Shachi Amdekar President, Cambridge University International Development Society, UK

“I was very fortunate to hear you talk at my school on transitioning from Campus to Corporate recently and your presentation on achieving success through using your own life as an example was truly inspirational. Since your visit, I have already made changes to my life in the hope of achieving new success. There was much within your presentation with which I could compare to my life, the fear and uncertainty of rising above millions of people with the same aims and goals in life, and would like to thank you for spreading your message of achieving personal success. You have already made a difference in my life and I hope your influence does not end after only one brief encounter.” – Chris van der Merwe, Colston’s School, UK

“It was such a privilege to hear Jillian’s remarkable story. She is a woman gifted with many qualities, but what shines through above all is her authenticity. She does not sentimentalise or sensationalise the events of her life; she does need to do so. Instead she speaks the truth with a simple clarity and honesty that captivates and touches. She has witnessed and experienced many extreme things, but she distils all of her various life experiences into some simple urgent truths; as such, she is a living embodiment of the power and resilience of the human spirit. For young people today, who may well have anxieties about their future and who are besieged by consumerist messages from the media, it is hard to imagine a better voice to offer welcome reassurance and an enlightened perspective. Students were inspired to ‘do something’ following her talk and quickly organised a magnificent concert that raised over £1000.” – Nick Russell, Head Teacher, Epsom College, UK

About Jillian

Jillian has a 23 year career in Banking and is a Motivaitonal Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author & Philanthropist.

Everyone has it within them to be extraordinary and it doesn't need exceptional talent or skill – just the right mind-set to realize their potential.

Many speakers will say they can help people to take action in their own lives, but few can really and truly do it. Time after time, Jillian hears stories (like the ones above) from people who, within 24 hours of listening to her, have taken some radical steps forward.

As a speaker, Jillian can motivate and inspire almost any audience, from corporate organizations to social institutions, from the wealthy to the under-privileged in Europe and India.

Her clients include some of the top organizations and institutions in the world, such as The Bank of England, McDonalds, King’s College London, Barclays, The University of Cambridge, Heriot Watt, TEDx and many others.

A popular media guest, Jillian has been featured on Channel 5, the BBC, ITV, The Independent, The Pioneer, The Times, The Telegraph, the Metro, Gulf News and many other major media.

Jillian has been honoured with a growing list of awards. A few of the biggest:

– The Mother Teresa Memorial International Award 2017

– Excellence in Humanitarianism Award for her work in India, December 2016

– First runner-up for The Asian Woman of the Year in 2012

– True Legend Award for her exceptional contribution to humanitarian causes, from The Telegraph, April 2015

– The Individual Achievement Award & The Service Excellence Award from RBS & Bank of America.

– Nominated by the public for ITV’s 2015 Inspirational Woman of the Year award

Virtual event

Date: Saturday, July 3, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+1 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: Free

Full event details: 10 Habits of Corporate Success for Fresh Graduates or Students

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