Israel To Be Found in Yahoo Recruitment Search

Following Google's lead, Yahoo! has finally arrived in Israel. Jobs there are soon to follow.

Yahoo opened its first research lab in Israel on March 11th. To be headed by Dr. Ronny Lempel, the Haifa lab is going to focus on Yahoo's future in developing a “new approach to Web search” according to Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo research.

On his blog, CTO of Yahoo Ari Balogh says that Dr. Lempel's “expertise in search technologies, and ties to local academia, will help us draw on the best talent and knowledge from the region and strengthen our worldwide Research efforts.”

Does this mean that Computer Science graduates from the nearby Technion will be the first targeted recruits? Perhaps, and the Matam Technological Park where the lab is located – Israel's oldest hitech zone – is also home to Google and Microsoft research labs plus many other hitech companies in Israel.

Job listings coming soon

The official Yahoo Search blog says “The Haifa research lab will be staffing up in the coming months — so if you're interested in tackling some of the most challenging questions in web search, check out the job opportunities at Yahoo! Research.” Those listings can give you a good idea of what openings might be coming for Yahoo! Haifa.

Another research lab was also opened simultaneously in Bangalore, India. Although Yahoo's global recruitment site already has job listings for that location, you have to dig around to find the almost-empty Haifa section of the site. Regardless, since you already know that jobs are going to be opening up at the new lab in Israel, you have every reason to apply now and get your resume to the front of the line.

All the more true if you're in human resources. Someone has to hire the engineers.

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