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I love the Internet. I hate boredom.

In 2007, it has now been 13 years that I've been online and to be perfectly honest, I don't think that I've ever been bored online in all that time. TV? Used to bore me all the time – not just the ads either – and that's why I barely watch any.

One of the dangerously addictive parts of the Net in my eyes is Digg. Like a video game, if I wasn't careful I could spend hours and hours reading and voting, voting and reading. That is why I avoid using a Digg widget on my computer's Desktop, instead limiting myself to the homepage RSS feed. That alone can still eat an hour of my day.

Here's something that I just Dugg: favicon2dots. You put in or any URL to a site with a favicon and voila, pixel-beauty, here on the right.

So what distracts you from working?

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  1. Derek

    The Strongbad emails are one of my favourite wastes of time, but probably won’t help motivation for a new job.

  2. Kate

    I hate boredom too, but if the work doesn’t get done, then there is no opportunity for fun. Stay away from the Tweetdeck.

  3. Kate

    Also, never ever play one game of Candy Crush. Really.

  4. Kate

    In addition to Candy Crush, avoid Captain Up.

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