My Twitter Account Was Suspended

My Twitter Account Was Suspended

I had a nasty surprise when I woke up this morning.

I don’t usually check my Twitter account first thing when I get on the Internet every morning but today I did by chance. And when I did, here’s what I saw:

Suspended Twitter account

Every time I tried to visit, I would get redirected to

My wife suggested that my account had been suspended as a result of The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide.

Needing to take my kids to daycare and having some early morning errands to run, I didn’t have time to react until almost 2 hours later. By the time I returned, my account had already been restored.

Apparently, my account was one of many accidental suspensions that were the result of human error at

I hope no one got fired for it.

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  • Kate says:

    Actually, my account is likely to be investigated due to the number of posts from Job Mob I’m sharing in my efforts to win the Captain Up competition. In just 15,045 points, I will achieve a badge no one has ever won before.

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