Top Results From the Tutorials Group Writing Project

Top Results From the Tutorials Group Writing Project

The Obnoxious Guide to Environmentally Safe Job Hunting was part of Monika Mundell's Tutorials group writing project & contest. Now that all the entries are in, it's time to vote for the best ones.

There are usually some good posts about job hunting in these group writing projects, but aside from the entered JobMob article there just aren't any in the Tutorials group writing project.

Enjoy the lists, hopefully you'll find something enjoyable and useful.

Top 3

  1. CSS: Simple Photo Editing Using GIMP
  2. Sarah: How to Attract Comments on Your Blog
  3. David Rogers: How to Solve A Problem


The Rest

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Jacob Share
CSS says

Thanks for the vote!

Jacob Share
Adam Donkus says

Thanks for putting me in the runners up. Great idea of posting all the entries, I’ll have to do the same.

Jacob Share
Monika @ The Writers Manifesto says

Thank you for taking the time out to vote. The winners will be announced on the 30th.

And many thanks for participating once again. 🙂

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