The Orthodox Union's 2008 Israel Job Fair for English Speakers is coming on November 25th. With over 600 attendees already registered, the event is filling up so you need to register now if you haven't already.

OU 2008 Job Fair Poster

New information you'll want to see

As the event gets closer, the Orthodox Union has released new information about the fair including a list of the 50+ employers attending the fair and more importantly, a categorized list of the job openings those employers will be trying to fill.

Something I forgot to tell you in the original announcement at the beginning of October is that I will be at the job fair too. JobMob will have a table at the Ramada Hotel Jerusalem on November 25th. Please come by and say hi so that I can put a face on some of your names.

Finally, please share this with anyone you think will be interested. There aren't too many job fairs of this size in Israel every year, and this is by far the biggest one aimed at English speakers. Definitely worth a trip to Jerusalem.

Get all the new information from the updated version of the job fair's original announcement here on JobMob.

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  1. Phillip

    Hello, my name is Phillip. I’m 20 and have been living in Australia nearly all my life and have been thinking about living overseas once I’m done with my degree. I’m curious about job opportunities in Israel for English speakers, particularly ones to do with web design. Tel Aviv is the area that I’m particularly interested in. Getting a job at somewhere like the Google office there would be wonderful.

    The only language I really know is English, as well as a little bit of Italian and French, how essential is it to know Hebrew? I don’t plan leaving to go anywhere for at least 2 more years which would perhaps be enough time to get some Hebrew knowledge.

  2. Jacob Share

    Hi Phillip, 2 years is definitely a long time, plenty of time to start learning Hebrew and I highly recommend that you do, it will really make your job search much easier and give you many more options when the time comes. You will not regret it. Finding a job here based on your current language skills is possible but difficult.

    Also- I helped someone get a job at Google in Tel Aviv, and Hebrew is very much needed there since they spend a lot of time localizing Google tools for the Israeli market. But as you can see from the job fair above, there most definitely are jobs for English speakers in Israel.

  3. josh

    I work in Israel at an international company with 15 000+ employees worldwide. The official language or all documentation and email correspondance is English, but in each country, day to day interaction in the office is in the local language. A few people do get by with little Hebrew, but they are only a handful, no more.

    IMO, learning the language of the place where one wants to work/live is essential to any success unless the person is a super-talented consultant type whose professional abilities can outweigh any language issues.

  4. Teja James

    I am currently living and working for the carpenters union in Las Vegas Nv and would like to move to Israel to work . My wife is from Israel and would like it very much to come back home there but I would like to have a contact for work there first. Can you be of any assistance/

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